Most/least expensive private/public colleges

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    A certain CA-approved school is currently charging $320,000 per semester. (That's 20 times Sarah Lawrence's tiny tuition!)

    And they get it, too. Just about all of their students have their costs picked up by private corporations or by government agencies.

    Check out these photos, and then ask yourself: how did Sarah Lawrence celebrate its graduation? You get what you pay for in this world.


    Here's one (it's RA too!) that's completely free! Instead of paying tuition, the students are all part of the labor program. The college is simultaneously a working ranch out there in the remote desert near Death Valley, and the students are simultaneously cowboys, with horses and boots and stetsons and everything. Before they hit their books they punch cows.

    I bet the French love both of these schools! So typically American...:D
  3. decimon

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    Yeah, but with Sarah Lawrence you get quotes from Alan Watts:

    I wonder if Alan speaks to them from that Joyous Cosmology in the sky?
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    It is interesting that 6 of the top ten least expensive public schools are in Florida. No state tax...361 days of sunshine per got to love it. :cool:

    (Please don't mention the hurricanes )
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    So, Mrs. Lincoln, other than that how did you like the play?

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    ... or the humidity, or the bugs? Those big beetle things, don't they call them Palmettos? Perhaps because no one likes to say "giant cockroaches". :eek:


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