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    Please forgive me for my ignorance about MBAs. My degrees are in art / communication and education, so I was surprised when I started looking up MBAs and saw how much more expensive they are.

    My boyfriend would like an MBA to help him transition from running his photography business full-time to becoming a full-time translator. His first degree is in art, plus he has a masters degree in religion. He is expecting to need to take a few leveling courses since he does not have an undergraduate degree in business. If I understand correctly, he needs the MBA as part of the translator certification process (I don't think that's not the right word, but hopefully you get the idea of what I mean). While the knowledge he gains will help him to run his own business, he is mostly looking for the least expensive one that will meet the requirements rather than the very best or most prestigious MBA, which would probably be more beneficial for someone who worked in the corporate world rather than someone who is self-employed. Any suggestions for an affordable online MBA?

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    I am not sure why do you need an MBA to be a translator? Usually a degree in particular language or linguistic degree. However, if you look for MBA degree, I would recommend you to learn as much about business through Allison Couses,CourseRA, Saylor Foundations, and etc. Then apply to Western Governors University and/or Patten University for their MBA programs. Therefore, you could complete many courses in short period of time to save money.
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    WGU or Patten.... I wouldn't even fool around with other courses, just apply, register, and dive in.
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    I've worked as a freelance translator. He doesn't need an MBA to become a translator, and if he wants to get certified by the American Translators Association, he needs to meet their requirements: About the Certification Program.

    Although many translators do have a degree in one or multiple languages, it's not a requirement, and many successful translators put degrees in law, medicine, business, engineering, or other areas to good use in doing high-end translation work. Is his interest in doing an MBA related to creating a USP of sorts for himself?
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    Thank you!
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    There are even cheaper MBA programs if you are willing to look outside the U.S. There are online programs out of India that cost about $2000.

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