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    Not sure this was mentioned before. However, Morehouse School of Medicine offers an online Doctor of Health Administration. The program can be completed in 3 years at the tuition of 55k (1000/credit x 55).

    In addition, they will be offering a one-of-a-kind program, Master of Administration in Justice-Involved Care (online).
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    I'm really stuck with these DHA programs. Part of me thinks (and it's not specific to this particular DHA program but them in general), that they're less about creating practitioners who can empirically validate their ideas for how to improve healthcare and more about people working alongside physicians wanting to be called doctor.

    I could be way off about this. Are DHA programs respected?
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    My subjective perspective is that it's the DBA equivalent for the healthcare field. Hence, those who aspire to achieve management and executive roles within the healthcare field would find the program suitable.
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    George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences also has an online graduate certificate and MSHS concentration in Correctional Health Administration.

    UMass Chan Medical School, which created the first required curriculum for medical students on criminal justice health, is home to the Academic Consortium on Criminal Justice Health.

    When I was an adult premed student at HES, I reasoned that inmates were one of the most underserved populations for comprehensive primary care, and that they were a population I'd be interested in working with. I was surprised but maybe shouldn't have been that when I said this, some of my fellow students seemed taken aback.
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    Thanks for sharing. I was unaware of those programs/requirements. I applied to be an online adjunct in MSM's program, though I do not meet the 7 years of corrections experience lol. My mother has said, "nothing tried, nothing done." So, let them disqualify me. I won't disqualify myself :D
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    I agree. The DHA is a business degree that specializes in aspects involved in running a healthcare organization. I have never heard of a c-suite executive that was not a physician, desire to be addressed as "doctor." In my experience, when you get to know and work with people in these circles of management, it is on a first-name basis except for physicians unless they insist on being called by their first name.

    I can see people with an MBA wanting to specialize in healthcare being attracted to this degree program. There is also a lot of upward mobility in management for nurses and this type of degree can help in becoming a director or chief nursing officer. Although personally, I think an RN, with an MBA is more than adequate for upward mobility to the executive director, chief nursing officer, and even CEO of a hospital. The years of experience in progressive management hold more value than the doctoral degree.
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    Yes, these type of degrees would be ideal for those in upper management level positions within Hospices, Hospitals, Old Folks homes, or similar facilities...
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    I think an MHA or MBA is sufficient. I also think an MBA is sufficient to become a C-level executive. I don't see the need for a DBA or DHA unless you intend to become an adjunct or teach full-time. There are too many professional doctorates IMO.
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    The gold standard of DHA programs IMO is the one offered thru the University of South Carolina (yeah the other USC). The program has a very strong focus on public policy including a week long trip to DC allowing students to engage with health policy makers and members of Congress. If money wasn't an object this would've been my dream program. This program attracts many c-suite and executive level individuals.
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