MBA vs. MBA/Mgmt Certificate

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  1. Tel

    Tel New Member

    Which do you think is more marketable?

    1. An MBA from a lesser known school (i.e., any school below tier 1; lacking AACSB accreditation)

    2. MBA/Mgmt Certificate from an Ivy league/top ranked school (Wharton, Stanford, Harvard, Stern, Kellog, etc.)

    I'm interested in getting some sort of business education but I want the most bang for my buck. It seems to me that the MBA degree has been diluted because pratically every school in the country offers the degree. Also AACSB accreditation doesn't seem to much of a differentiator because I know of a couple schools that have it and their programs don't seem to be that great.
    I'd be interested in knowing what other board members think.
  2. If you want the most bang for your buck - you need to focus on the Department - not the Institution.

    Dave A

  3. Tel

    Tel New Member

    Is there a reliable ranking system that reviews departments? If so, please let me know?
  4. Dr Dave

    Dr Dave New Member

    I agree with airborne's observation that you can only judge quality by the department's program and faculty, not the university's reputation per se.

    On the question of MBA and Management Certificate, I do have some direct experience in that area. My MBA is from Boston College which ranks quite well. Ten years after earning that, I returned for the Advanced Certificate in Management. This was a graduate level certificate intended as an update and add-on to the MBA. What I've found in interviewing over the years is that degrees are somewhat (but not entirely) understood by HR recruiters and hiring managers, but certificates are more of a mystery to them, necessitating explanation. I do not show the ACM on my resume, as it does not stir much interest, even as an indicator of "lifelong learning" as compared to the MBA.

    David April
    BA, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
    MBA, Boston College
    ACM, Boston College
    DBA, California Pacific University
    C.A.M. and CM, Institute of Certified Professional Managers
    CRM, Institute of Certified Records Managers
  5. manjuap

    manjuap New Member

    How was your experience with California Pacific University ?
  6. Dr Dave

    Dr Dave New Member

    My experience with Cal-Pacific was fine and met my expectations. The program entailed 12 courses, proposal, doctoral thesis, and comprehensive exam. There was no residency and the cost was relatively modest. A state-approved doctorate worked well in my case. For teaching adjunct, my MBA suffices. In the commercial world, the MBA is also viewed as the terminal degree, and professional doctorates are very rarely required except in a few technical environments. So for me the DBA was a formal, structured and challenging way to continue lifelong learning for my own personal satisfaction late in my working career. A state-approved DL doctorate is certainly not as rigorous as traditional RA programs and is not for everybody, as individual goals, needs and circumstances differ. But for some of us it is a viable option.

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