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  1. Hi everyone,

    I had originally narrowed down my MBA options to CSUDH (International Business) and Marist, based upon the totally DL nature of each program and reasonable cost.

    Today I took my GMAT and scored 700 - when combined with my Excelsior 4.0 GPA I may have a few more options out there.

    To summarize my current situation, I'm in IT (non-technical role) and have been for 16 years. I'm not looking for a MBA to give me that "six figure salary", nor for it to be ticket into an entry-level position. I'm mid-career and at least moderately successful. However, I feel that a MBA will give me some additional skills and knowledge to take me to a new level. It also gives me some security should I need/want to change companies.

    Although there are definite benefits to attend in person, my work schedule makes it difficult sometimes. A full-time program is not an option.

    My employer will reimburse $6k/yr and as long as the program is <$20-25k I can afford it.

    I still feel that I'll get the best utility out of CSUDH or Marist. Marist has name recognition in NY while Cal State is recognizable anywhere.

    Down the road I'm thinking of pursuing a JD. One program that may fit my needs is the combined LIU CW Post/Touro MBA/JD whereby you can share some of the credits.

    Any other suggestions?

  2. Myoptimism

    Myoptimism New Member

    Very good score Mark. Congratulations.

    Still, I would have to think that with your restraints (DL, <20-25K), your lack of desire to change employment, and the possibility of attending law school in the future, you should stick with the least expensive, highest quality program. Probably AACSB accredited (or candidate) and reasonably affordable. CSU-DH and Marist both fit here, as does Miss State and probably a few others. One variable that might change the picture is whether you desire to get a specific concentration within the MBA. Or, if you set your upper limit higher, there are some schools that are higher ranked (but in your situation, that doesn't seem too important).
    So, are you drawn to any particular concentration?

  3. Jack Tracey

    Jack Tracey New Member

    If you can realistically do the MBA/JD program (and pass the Bar) then I'd say that this is the best long-term choice. I mean, with an MBA and a JD you can pretty much go anywhere and do anything, no?
    (you might even be able to pay off you education loans)
  4. Luckily I don't have any loans going into this, and probably won't have any post-MBA. My employer wouldn't pay towards the JD (except for perhaps a specific course or two) so that's where the bulk of any out of pocket expenses would come from.

  5. little fauss

    little fauss New Member

    Congrats on your fine GMAT showing. Have you considered some of the ranked online programs that are within or a little above your price range? UMass and Florida and Indiana come to mind. Somewhat more expensive but ranked and in-state is Syracuse.

    You also might consider some of the high-ranked PT eve and weekend programs out there or perhaps some of the modular exec programs.

    Nothing against Marist, they're a very legit school, but you've got numbers that frankly seem more along the lines of NYU or Columbia. I know those types of programs would be expensive and you'd have to commit to some eves, weekends, but if you're planning on doing the JD down the road and you'd like to attend the best school possible, having such credentials on the resume can't hurt. Just an idea.

    If you decide to do Marist and you simply must go pure online, that's fine, a good school. But also be sure to check into UMass before you do anything: right in your price range, excellent pure online program, tons of top dogs taking it, lots of doctors and a fair number of others with advanced degrees in that program, a real challenge.
  6. Thanks for the feedback.

    I took a look at Syracuse, and I think it is a fine program. My only problem is that they require a week's residency for each term which is difficult (not impossible, but very difficult).

    UMass looks more feasible - I'll do a further search on this board to see people's opinions, and the price fits in the range (around $23k).

    Indiana looks very good, but you're right - I'd have to increase my price target up to $36K. However, this program might be actually worth it...another one to search on.


  7. kobeb

    kobeb New Member

    My two cents...

    You Wrote:

    "Today I took my GMAT and scored 700 - when combined with my Excelsior 4.0 GPA I may have a few more options out there."

    Great score and GPA...The ball is definitely on your court. You just have to choose which program to pursue.

    Have you checked out Colorado State University (CSU) or University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS)? Both are AACSB, have decent name recognition, and CSU offers its courses in DVD format.

    Also, since you're in the Northeast, how about Norwich Universtiy, UMASS, or UMUC. Keep in mind, Norwich and UMUC are not AACSB. I know some doctors who attend UMUC.

    Just my two cents...

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  8. agilham

    agilham New Member

    Does it really have to be DL only? With those numbers, you should have little problem getting into the Langone part-time MBA at Stern, which just happens to be very local to you.

    Otherwise, I can only second Little Fauss on Indiana et al and add a further recommendation for the MSIM at the Krannert School at Purdue if you'd like an international business focus.

    Good luck and good hunting!

  9. ybfjax

    ybfjax New Member

    So you did finish the BA....

    Congratulations on finishing the BA. 4.00 is impressive. So was that GMAT score. I was in too much of a hurry to worry about my gpa (3.68). And I didn't need the GMAT or the GRE to get into my graduate program.

    But if you really want a JD, how would the MBA come into the picture? I guess if you're going to practice business law, it would help. But if your ultimate goal is law, then you should concentrate your money (since most of it will be for you to pay for) towards the law degree program and related expenses. The MBA seems like a much smaller fish and unnecessary expense, unless you 'got it like that' moneywise....

    BTW, which law practice did you want to take up?

    Guess your putting the book-writing thing on hold for a while, eh?
  10. Re: So you did finish the BA....

    I think the MBA will give me value and additional knowledge today, as well as some insurance should a job change be required. Being a train ride away from Manhattan and a competitive job market every edge is important. Do I absolutely need it? No. Do I think it will make me more marketable? I'm 100% convinced of this. Despite working for the same employer for 7.5 years there's always a risk.

    The JD is more of a long-term thing. I can see myself wanting a career change in 15 years, or even practice corporate law within my existing company. Immigration law also interests me.

    Law is also something I could practice or teach well into my later years. If I were to ever move to California I would seriously look at a Calbar program, but in NY it's ABA or nothing. Luckily I have two law schools on Long Island within easy reach and another few in NYC and the Boroughs.

    I still want to do the book - it's more of a summer focus once some other things that my undergrad and GMAT are done it's just a matter of sending out apps and checks to programs and see what comes back.

  11. Re: Re: So you did finish the BA....

  12. little fauss

    little fauss New Member

    I gotta agree with agilham. If I were you with those outstanding numbers, I'd take a deep breath and apply at Stern. Why waste 700/4.0? Hey, that's HBS level, certainly Stern.

    I can't imagine they wouldn't seriously consider you, very likely admit you.

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