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  1. jerryrichardson80

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    I'm looking for a good school for getting an MBA in accounting. I am willing to do the GMAT, online or offline (I live in New York), so was looking at schools like Baruch.

    Master of Science (MS) in Accountancy — Zicklin School Of Business - Baruch College - CUNY

    My background is in Finance, but my real world experience in Finance is very minimal. I am willing to take the GMAT's as well, but not sure how well I'd score, as I haven't picked up a book in years so I better study hard.

    What are the best schools within a low budget. Looking to spend less than $20,000 for the MBA.
  2. jerryrichardson80

    jerryrichardson80 New Member

    I will spend more money if it's an Ivy League school, if there are any decent ways to get into it. Willing to spend a LOT of money on an Ivy League Education. I live in New York City, so local is good as well.
  3. major56

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    Syracuse University (Whitman): Offers an online iMBA; additionally a MS in Accounting (both programs require limited residencies).


    MS in Accounting
  4. major56

    major56 Active Member

    Hofstra University (Zarb): MBA w/concentration in Strategic Accounting for Managers or Corporate Financial Policy and Strategic Analysis. Two 3-4 day residencies are required.

    Online MBA New York - Hofstra University
  5. muaranah

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    The University of Connecticut has an online MSA program with a brief residency that is AACSB (in addition to the b-school being AACSB).
  6. Fortunato

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    It's not a DL program, but otherwise Columbia's EMBA program meets all of those criteria. It's an Ivy League School, in NYC, and you'll pay a LOT of money for your education. Classes meet Fri/Sat or Saturdays only depending on your program, and you're granted a lot of flexibility - up to 5 years to complete the degree, take classes from the full-time program if you like, plus there is an international residency. Only $155K.
  7. SurfDoctor

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    IMO, most of the time, an ivy league education is a waste of money. HOWEVER, I think that accounting is one field where an ivy league degree might help you, especially if you wanted to get into one of the high end accounting or financial firms.
  8. DBA_Curious

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    Yep. Just graduated from there. Very good program although undergrad knowledge is assumed. Your classmates are mostly young CPA's at firms. Very few industry folks which means you need to be on your GAAP early and often.
  9. major56

    major56 Active Member

    Cornell-Queens EMBA (16-month duration): Many site locations including NYC and Ithaca, NY. The model features a combination of on-campus residential sessions and multi-point, interactive videoconferencing sessions.

    Tuition: $106,890

    Graduates are awarded a MBA from both Cornell University (Johnson) and Queens School of Business (Triple accredited: AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA).

    Johnson at Cornell | Cornell-Queen's Executive MBA
  10. major56

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    Yikes ... The CQEMBA is a management specialization; not accounting ... sorry!
    I still beleive at $100K, it's a heck of an opportunity to earn a top tier MBA from 2-schools concurrently.

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