Master of Science Information Technology at Nova Southeastern University?

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  1. peterjsousa

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    I was wondering if anyone could provide me with some insight to the program offered at Nova Southeastern University. I applied to the school and if accepted I will do my studies on campus as a full-time graduate student. Any advice, comments or criticisms on the program/school would be of great help.

    Thank you

    Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences
  2. UnixGuy

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    If you're doing it on Campus, then why Nova? Why not UFL, USF, FSU ?
  3. peterjsousa

    peterjsousa New Member

    I was interested in these schools, however unfortunately UFL, USF and FSU do not have the program that I'm interested in.
  4. UnixGuy

    UnixGuy New Member

    Did you check this program?

    University of South Florida:
    Master of Science in Information Systems - USF College of Business

    Florida State University:
    Management Information Systems (MS-MIS) / Master's Degrees / Graduate Degrees / Academic Programs / College of Business / FSU - College of Business

    It seems that Florida State University has MIS only online!
    Management Information Systems (MS-MIS) / Master's Degrees / Graduate Degrees / Academic Programs / College of Business / FSU - College of Business

    They do have on campus MBA:
    Graduate Programs / Academic Programs / Management / Departments / Academic Programs / College of Business / FSU - College of Business

    University of Florida:
    Information Systems & Operations Management - Warrington College of Business Administration

    Sorry I have no information about Nova
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  5. peterjsousa

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    Thanks for your quick response,

    I have taken a look at these programs, they definitely look good but I want to stay away from applying to the Business Schools as they require GMAT/GRE. I guess my options are limited, especially in the Florida area. Based on my research, Nova's MSIT program does not require GMAT scores as it is not part of its business school, but a separate department all together. I really would like to do my studies in Florida, especially on-campus.
  6. UnixGuy

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    Again I'm not very familiar with Nova's on campus programs, but since you are doing it on campus, I really think you should consider the universities above. Those universities have excellent reputation, and you will have excellent ROI for both your time and money. Take sometime and do GRE/GMAT, then go to those universities. Think about the end result.

    my 2 cents.

    good luck.
  7. peterjsousa

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    Thank you for your advice, I have thought a lot about taking the GMAT/GRE and I think it will probably be the best route. The schools you mentioned do have a great reputation and are well known. It's May already so I probably don't have much time to study due to admission deadlines but perhaps some of the Universities accept students on a rolling admissions basis.
  8. UnixGuy

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    Take your time, prepare well, and go with the best school possible. You are going full time, so you will be jobless for a significant duration of time. You are going for a higher degree, so you need to aim for the best degree possible for your career. Don't let something like GRE/GMAT stop you. Even if you missed the deadlines, apply for the Spring semester or even next year, you can use this time to prepare for GRE/GMAT, get a better score, explore more school programs, and save money if you're gainfully employed.

    Let us know what you choose.
  9. atrox79

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    I agree with UnixGuy. I often see people absolutely scared to death of taking the GRE/GMAT and they'll go to great lengths to find a program that doesn't require it. The problem is that not taking those tests really limits your choices and pretty much prevents you from getting into the best program you can. It's worth it to study for the GRE for a couple months and just take the test. I mean, the amount of effort people put in to find programs that don't require the GRE could be used to actually study for the GRE and get a decent score! Oh, the irony.

    Of course try to get as high of a score as you can, but unless you plan on applying to Stanford, Carnegie-Mellon or MIT, you don't need a "perfect" score.
  10. TEKMAN

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    MIT - Graduate programs in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science do not require GRE score
    University of Dayton - Engineering program, GRE is optional
    Purdue University - Engineering and Computer Science does not require GRE score
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    Sorry to change the thread flow.. Did you change the school from CTU to Old Dominion ? If so what OhD is it? Send us links.

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