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    Several months back, there was some discussion of a Martial Arts University that offered different accredited degree programs. I think Jodokk may have posted it. Does anyone happen to remember what University that was? Please advise,


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    Here's the only Bachelors that isn't a minor in martial arts that I know of...

    The comments that I have made about this program are about the fact that the entire university is owned and run by the Unification Church, a good or bad thing depending on your take. However, they are RA and look to be an excellent academic program.
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    Re: Hi

    Thanks so much for you help Jodokk and Jack, this is exactly what I was looking for.

    May you and everybody here at DI have a great New Year!


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    a martial arts curiosity, but unaccredited

    Steve Ho is a former St. Regis professor based in Hong Kong. His site is here. (Not that this has much significance, but note the clip art on the page: the left side of the image had also been used by some of Robertstown/James Monroe/St. Regis.)

    For a while, Ho had been the "Dean of Studies" of the "St Regis University, School of Martial Arts." He continues to offer an "Advanced Diploma of Wing Chun Martial Practitioner leading to Master Degree in Martial Arts (Chinese Wing Chun) (30 credits) of West Coast University by pure distance learning." The contents of the page (including the Bruce Lee graphic) are nearly identical to the old St. Regis page, but the prices have gone up, typically by a factor of two.

    A reminder: West Coast University's accreditation includes that (now defunct, but listed anyway) St. Regis group entity "International Education Ministry Accreditation Association." WCU is also Seborga-licensed.

    Other "schools" that have qualified for a Seborga license include the Japanese "Saint Bernard University of Seborga" whose "rector" is Daichi Tottori, also a former St. Regis professor. There are other St. Regis group entities still listed on the Seborga page, too.

    But none of these are accredited by a CHEA-recognized accreditor.
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    Re: Hi

    When I last looked into Bridgeports academic programs (though not in martial arts but business), the last expression that would come to my mind would be "excellent".

    I recall they also ended up in some major rankings at the very very bottom, so I would check quite thoroughly if this really should get the school of your choice.
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    I stand corrected

    I know nothing of Bridgeport's academic rep. My statement was made in relation to the DOZENS of less-than-wonderful unaccredited B*&%^$t "Doctorates in the Martial Arts" out there.

    Regional Accreditation itself is "excellent" by comparison. Unless, of course, the accreditors are slipping.

    Indiana University has a "certificate" in Martial Arts.
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    The world's leading university in Martial Arts is International Budo University in Katsuura, Japan. Their focus however, is mainly in the Japanese Martial Arts.

    They have a summer intensive Japanese language with Judo or Kendo program. I highly recommend it.

    It is my dream to start a martial arts center (and perhaps offer a minor or certificate) here at UF, but without a rich donor, I doubt that will happen. (I also need to graduate first.)

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