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    Summer reading : Henri Mintzberg wrote the book " MANAGERS NOT MBA'S " and the publisher is Berrett Khoeler in San Francisco.

    The thesis : Managers are not produced in Business Schools like Harvard but actual experienced managers can improve their management.
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    Another good book along the same lines:

    "False Prophets: The Gurus Who Created Modern Management and Why Their Ideas Are Bad for Business Today" by James Hoopes
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    First, let me say that I have not read Mintzberg's latest book. But I can share these thoughts: The best MBA programs don't invite students to join their programs until they first have at least three years of practical work experience following their undergrad degree. Mintzberg evidently has an opinion and expresses it; but I don't believe that the question of leadership and management being in-born or an acquired skill set has been definitively resolved, any more than the nature-nurture debate in human development.

    In my own experience, some of the best managers I have ever worked with have been MBAs. I've also had the privilege of working with a great many who have not earned MBAs, yet have also been exceptionally bright, creative and effective as well. So the degree probably does not make the manager. Yet a manager who is talented and has high potential might well benefit from the perspective and knowledge afforded by an MBA program. There are infinitely more variables among individuals than among MBA programs, thereby making predictions tentative at best.

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    Absolutely, well said.

    It is up to every individual, but schooling can never hurt.
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    Read Mintzberg book before criticizing


    Mintzberg did not say in the book he is against schooling, rather he argued for schooling ( but not MBA, schooling does not automatically equate MBA studies for managers) for experienced managers( not any work experience ).

    He specifically referred to the top 19 CEO looked upon as successful and goes on to say : ten of them failed in managing their corporation, four were very controversial as to their management results, only five were really successful.
    He mentioned successful businesspeople without an MBA as Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey.

    Good reading!
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    Re: Read Mintzberg book before criticizing

    There are many books out just like it. I think these are exceptions, as I can give you hundreds of CEO's that have MBA's or PhDs.

    I guess it pays the bills, making a book I mean that is interesting to some :)

    It would be interesting to see all of the CEO's and what background they have (stats worth reading!)

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