Libyan slave auctions

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    Take a knee.
  3. decimon

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    Or take a notice. This is the real thing.
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    I can see how upset people are, seeing as how this story is continuously been blasted all over mainstream media for days and weeks now. Or not.

    You have to dig for this story, meanwhile Kaepernick is GQ's man of the year. Take. A. Knee.

    Maybe we should just import some more Nigerians into America, that'd fix it. How would we know if we're getting the slave or the slave trader as our hollowed refugee?
  5. SteveFoerster

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    Maybe we'd know if we bothered to read the article, since it explains that the slave traders aren't Nigerian, they're Libyans in Libya selling Nigerians who migrated there in the hope of making it to Europe.

    But then, that wouldn't feed into anti-refugee hysteria.
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    CNN is doing an in-depth exclusive on it right at this moment as to be expected since they wrote that article.

    Read? Hahahahaha!
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