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    Let's move from guessing who might be the Democratic nominee in 2004 to voicing our opinions on the upcoming Lewis-Tyson fight. I really do not like either one of them. Tyson is a thug who belongs behind bars. Lewis has a glass jaw, much like Floyd Patterson, and doesn't do will against opponents who fight back. Had Holyfield been in the same shape he was in when he defeated Tyson twice Lewis would have been beaten. Oliver McCall and Shannon Briggs did farily well against Lewis (McCall beating him the first time and Briggs giving him trouble in the early going). Anyway, if Tyson comes out fast and strong and lands a haymaker to the jaw of Lewis, it's over. If Tyson gets confused and frustrated, Lewis will win. At this point, however, I will give a very slight edge to Lewis. When Holyfield defeats Rahman and gets a match with Lewis or Tyson, he will once again be heavyweight champion. Second question, who is the greatest heavyweight champion of all time? My pick is The Greatest, Muhammad Ali!
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    Boxing is a fitting analogy

    It's almost like those who tout unaccredited credentials - once they get a knock-out punch by anyone...they're out cold.

    Steven King
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    Yeah, but if Tyson does well he might get the ear of the press.
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    <Don't worry about the world ending today - it's tomorrow in Australia>

    It's too bad and so sad your constant jabs, tirades, insults and highly uncivilized pabulum that continues to spew forth from your poisonous, forked and ignorant tongue towards me doesn't end. I left the DL forum, for good; now go back, if you can find your way, and LEAVE ME ALONE with your moronic ramblings, blather and nattering nabobism! How miserable and pathetic such a minuscule, insignificant nobody such as I can occupy so much of your time. What a void, vacant and empty life you must lead; sad, sad indeed! To paraphrase Cervantes, “Los tontos de este mundo son muchos; ellos están como sanguijelas, siempre encontrándolo y colgar en.”
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    Let us remember, please, that it is Doctor Tyson. The honorary doctorate was awarded by Central State University in Ohio. Surely a man with a doctorate is better equipped to bludgeon a fellow man into unconsciousness than one without.

    (As I mention in the honorary doctorate chapter of my book, after the ceremony, Tyson told a reporter, "I'm successful, I'm young, I'm single, I'm rich, I have God in my life...and may I be permitted to say, you are such an incredible-looking woman.")
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    Hi, John

    You know every now and then members of Congress, with doctorates, get into fist fights, ha! I have a friend who believes Tyson is putting on an act with his unbelievable statements of violence coupled with horrendous vulgarity. I told my friend I believe Tyson is seriously disturbed and this is not an act. Muhammad Ali was the "actor." Ali never hurt anyone outside the ring nor did he even hurt anyone in the ring outside the Marquis of Queensbury rules. Since you mentioned Tyson's remarks to a female, do you remember when he spoke to a group of women and made some rude, crude comment about becoming a gynecologist (after seeing all these fine women) or something like this. As much as I enjoy boxing and as much as I am a libertarian, I don't think he should be licensed. He is very, very dangerous.
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    Ex-champion Evander Holyfield offers advice to Lewis. http://sports.excite.com/news/05212002/v1842.html
    While this is good advice Lewis need to make sure that if he smothers Tyson he avoids the devastating upper cut ala Douglas, Mathes, Botha, McNeeley, etc. Evander had the right idea, tie Tyson up and keep the chin tucked. I have a very sneaky feeling this fight will not come off.
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    Oh Jimmy you big baby

    It's too bad I don't live in Indiana anymore (used to live in Greencastle), I would relish getting together with you and knocking your teeth right down your stupid throat.

    Steven King
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    For those on here who enjoy boxing as much as I, I want to give you this link of upcoming fights. One to really watch will be the rematch between Morales and Barrera. The first fight was my pick for "fight of the year." These two warriors go "to-to-toe," and you will not be disappointed. Most think Barrera actually eeked out the decision but it was given to Morales.

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    The people that post here are the same people that post there. Their opinions of degree mills and their operators don't change when they change forums.

    Nobody has been uncivil. The fact is, distance education is important to all of us. It represents a new and exciting way to bring continuing education to adults. But unfortunately, it has become a medium not only for quality education, but it has also become infested with substandard and unrecognized schools that in many cases are outright scams and frauds. If the operator can hide behind things like religious exemptions, they are often perfectly legal.

    I, for one, think that Degreeinfo has a *responsibility* to combat those things. If distance education ever becomes associated in the public mind with substandard education and with con artists, all of us here at Degreeinfo will be hurt very badly. Our own degrees could be tainted with the assumption that because they are DL, they too are simply jokes. The general public will turn away from the medium with a sneer of disgust, and the benefits that DL could offer won't be realized. It could take a generation to recover from that.

    I don't think that people realize quite how fragile this medium is.
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    Not sure...

    Hey, Jimmy!

    I am not sure about your remarks. For my part, I woudn't say that in front of Joe Frazier. Granted, some people think that Frazier took matters to the extreme, but if I were Frazier, I would be reacting the same.

    Best regards,

    Karlos Al "El Caballero" Lacaye
    [email protected]

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