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    Two letters - one decision. I am with a school district and hope to be a superintendent soon. I would also like to do some adjunct teaching someday. I have a letter from NCU and TUI for their PhD programs. I’m on the west coast, so WASC accreditation is a plus with TUI. I think NCU is cheaper because the dissertation is integrated and you keep paying with TUI until your dissertation is completed. Is TUI now the best with a B&M and WASC, or is NCU more friendly and cheaper. What questions should I be asking myself to make this decision? Comments? BTY, I have already done a search on the website for both schools.
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    IMHO, they're both acceptable choices as either will help you to meet your goal of becoming a superintendent.

    I believe that NCU is cheaper, however they're no longer in the Title 4 (Fin Aid) program so you'll have to determine how pay for the program.

    Other than that, I think that they're fairly equivalent, although others may say that TUI has a better reputation because of their relationship with Touro College.

    Again, either one would work for you. So do the same thing that we all do, trust your instincts and go with what "feels" right to you.
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    thank you $$$

    I know people say both are about the same cost, but I think TUI is actually more expensive. NCU is about $25,000 not including books. TUI is $25,000, then you must stay enrolled at $1,500 unitl you finish your dissertation.
  4. Randell1234

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    Re: thank you $$$

    the way I looked at it, TUI was more expensive. I looked at the per year cost and based on the continuous enrollment rule NCU=$4,500 and TUI=$8,000. I get $4,000 per year tuition assistance so NCU's out of pocket expense is $500 plus books.

    Since I have my masters from TUI and I am taking my third class at NCU, I think I can give a fair comparision. I like NCU better. I think I am learning a lot more. That is just my opinion; NCU uses books and I like books.
  5. PhD2B

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    Re: Re: thank you $$$


    Since you have been on both sides of the TUI/NCU fence, I value your opinion on this topic over those that have just been with one of the two universities.

    Both TUI and NCU are 100% DL, but what, in your opinion, makes NCU a better learning experience versus TUI?

    IMHO - I haven't taken any TUI courses, but I have taken two NCU courses and I think NCU is a quality institution.
  6. Randell1234

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    Re: Re: Re: thank you $$$

    The idea of (TUI's approach) read a few internet links and a write a paper does not really promote learning the same way the NCU classes promote learning. The TUI classes give you examples of situations rather then text book information.
  7. thinktank

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    $$$ and more

    Randell, you do have a unique insight and I was hoping you would post. You have a good point with the yearly cost, but I am paying my own way and would like to get through more quickly. I have liked the responsiveness from NCU also. I think, in the end, the cost for either program will be about the same for me. The thing that is making me lean toward TUI is the reaction from people at work when I describe NCU in Arizona vs. Touro associated with a B & M and WASC accredited. That being said, I think I would like NCU better and I like that their dissertation is integrated in their coursework.
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    If you feel more comfortable with NCU, then go with them. I was trying to decide between Capella, Walden and NCU for my master's and I finally decided on NCU. The fact that they have been very helpful, their classes you take at your own speed (which means I can complete them faster than a regular "semester" session), and the fact that they have a no residency policy just won me over. I plan to get my master's at NCU and then finish my PhD. at Walden (which will then satisfy my residency requirements). Good luck in your decision and don't let anyone else's remarks about NCU bother you.
  9. c.novick

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    I will soon be starting my fourteenth course at NCU. I enjoyed my time at NCU so much I stayed to continue on for the Ph.D. program.

    The coursework is designed to allow the learner flexibility to either accelerate their studies or take them slow. Course dates start every first of the month so learners can keep a steady pace.

    Student services are excellent. You get a learner affairs advisor to help you with non-academic issues. You also get an academic advisor to assist you with course selection and academic issues.

    If I can assist you with any specific questions please don' t hesitate to ask.

    Best wishes.

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