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  1. Robert_555

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    Hey all,

    I am wanting to learn spanish as I feel it would help my career prospects. I used a google search for online spanish lessons and found thousands of them. Can anyone here recommend a site or
    program that is reputable? I am thinking of purchasing the Rosetta Stone spanish lessons. Am I wasting my $$$ if I purchase this program? Any information that anyone may have is greatly appreciated!! Thanks
  2. here is a thought....go to the library and borrow some cd's its much much cheaper that way to learn a language!!!!
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  4. BlueMason

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    Although I've not used it myself, Rosetta Stone gets rave reviews and is used by top notch companies and govt's.

    Check it out yourself:
  5. sentinel

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    While I have no personally used Rosetta Stone language training I have read good reviews about it. Apparently, Rosetta Stone is used by various government departments and agencies as well as private organizations.

    I have been using language training materials from another company to learn basic Arabic. I will post the name of that company later as I think they provide language training in various languages.
  6. Robert_555

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    Thank you all for the help. I will the check the links provided also.

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