Lapd cop accused of planting drugs in man's walle

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    Thank God for cameras. Wish they were mandatory around the country, with one caveat. That they upload the streams from personal interactions with criminals and "citizens". For privacy concerns they can use an algorithm to blur out faces and redact PII.
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    Oh wow. My first thought is it's exactly matches an episode from the 80ies TV miniseries featuring Soviet Russia's most famous fictional cop, Capt. Gleb Zheglov. He is confronted and delivers a speech on how he does a great public service, because "a thief belongs to jail, and the public does not care how we get him there". He is meant as a villain of the story (more so in the literary source), but a good chunk of Soviet viewers (just about everyone - remember we're talking a country with 2 TV channels) agrees with him on this. Only in part because the actor is a cult figure Vladimir Vysotskiy, whose charisma completely upstages everyone else in the film. (Vysotskiy was a legendary actor/singer/poet, Russian Bob Dylan).
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