Kennedy International University

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    Kennedy International University

    An offering by one of those "you have to request the names of the schools" outfits,

    For those that selected this one, be sure and attend the Second Annual Crawfish Boil and Alumni Reunion in Roseau, Dominica.
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    love them crawfish!

    The site has certain striking features:

    1. Its IP address is, same as the IP for . In the same address space is the University of Switzerland ( ) with IP

    2. Calendar at is identical to the Huntingdon College calendar at .

    3. Mission statement at is the same as that of the not-so-cool Northwestern International University mission statement at .

    4. The Alumni Crab Boil seems inspired by last May's Auburn University event. Compare with :

    December 17th
    Second Annual Crawfish Boil and Alumni Reunion
    * Will be held at the Hilton in Roseau, Dominica.
    * December 17, 2003 - 4:00 p.m. until midnight.
    * Advance Tickets Only! $100 per person or $175 per couple.


    Second Annual Crawfish Boil and Alumni Reunion
    • The Marina Bar and Grill - 617 Shady Street, Montgomery
    • May 17, 2003 - 4p.m. till midnight.
    • Advance Tickets Only! $35 per person or $50 per couple

    (Note that Dec. 17 is a Wednesday while May 17 was a Saturday.)

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    I'd be inclined to call them a "degree mill" but in the absence of degrees offered (for sale), I'm not sure what to call them. It is rather interesting that under the "presidents message" that no signature or even a name of a president is listed. And, under tuition "Degree Level Costs
    Associates $280.00 per credit hour.
    BA/BS $380.00 per credit hour.
    MBA/MS/MA $410.00 per credit hour.
    Doctorate/Ph.D/EdD $450.00 per credit hour."

    Holy cow man!
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    Here's a place with the same address where verification requests go.

    I couldn't seem to find any other address.
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