Kaplan did it again! I'm furious!

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    I had withdrawn from Kaplan before classes started and was entitled to a refund of my $95 enrollment fee. Here's my experience from one thread as to why I withdrew (scroll down):


    When I called my academic advisor to withdraw, she told me someone from admissions or some other office would be giving me a call in the coming days to take care of all the formalities and my refund (I happened to receive my text book from UPS that same day and the box has remained unopened).

    I finally called Kaplan last week and left a message with them inquiring about my refund. I got a call today, got shuffled around to different departments, and finally got the gal I needed to deal with.

    She told me I won't get my refund since I didn't send my book back within two weeks of my withdrawal. She told me it was in the enrollment agreement I signed. Of course, I didn't think to look at the agreement since the last time I had spoken to someone from Kaplan, the academic advisor specifically told me "someone will be calling you soon to take care of the formalities..." Since those were her words, of course I trusted that I didn't need to do a thing until I received this phone call which was going to take care of it all.

    I tried to explain this to the woman, who just became rude and basically told me "tough." Isn't there something I can do about this? I understand that since I signed an agreement that apparently stated all this, I didn't think I needed to check it out since I was practically assured that someone would be calling me.

    This woman told me NO ONE from the school calls any student after they withdraw - it's the students that need to contact the school. I'm so frustrated. If the advisor would not have said anything about anyone calling me, I would have taken care of everything myself. So despite my particular situation, the woman refused to even listen to my side of the story and take it into consideration.

    She told me I could call the academic advisor and take it up with her, but this woman herself, is the one who issues the refunds and she flat out told me she refuses to issue me my refund, regardless of the outcome of me 'taking it up' with my advisor.

    So, my question is, is it worth it to pursue this refund? Do I have a good case - can it still be done? Or is this hopeless and just cut my losses? This woman said she's the one who issues the refunds. I'm trying to figure out who to talk to next, if I do pursue this. I seriously doubt she will even give me the opportunity to speak with whoever is her supervisor. I'm not sure what to do from here.

    Any opinions or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi Lynn, Just an opinion here - but I never give up without a fight if I think I am right... I do it in writing, keep copies and keep writing until the President/CEO tells me to go away - and for the few times I have fought the battle I have won. Granted I spent more time than I made in refunds, but the satisfaction of not letting someone get away with something made up the difference.

    I would read the refund policy again - see if there is anything you can hang your hat on - check with the regulations regarding how a request to withdraw must be handled (some states are more lenient in this area than others), see what it says about books and the condition of the books - there might be something there. And write your complaint, address it to the CEO and copy both of the people you spoke with. Include in your letter the way in which you were treated by the second individual, and even though it is going to go to the same location - send it three times each addressed appropriately, with the orginal being the one sent to the CEO. Include your expectation of a response by a specific date, as well as what you want - e.g. refund for the full amount. Don't make them think about it. If you don't get a response within whatever window you selected, write again, copying everyone and including the first communication. I once fought with Prodigy for 6 months because they insisted I did not call and cancel even though I had the name of the person I spoke with. "It isn't in the record." After 5 frustrating months of being given the run-around, I faxed my letter to the CEO, included all of my previous communications and gave them a week to respond. On the 7th day I faxed it all again wtih a new letter that said I was not going to stop until I had a response and a refund. On the 8th day I got a call, with an apology and a refund.

    It may not be worth your time and energy, but sometimes I think that is what they count on...

    Good luck!
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    chachoran - Which of the Kaplan schools were you enrolled at?
  4. chachoran

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    Hi Cheryl,

    I was enrolled at Kaplan College in Davenport, IA (online admissions and student services in Boca Raton, FL). I was under the Business Management Program. Are you a student there?

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    I did as Mary advised and sent some letters out. Within a week, I received a call and an apology. I just received my refund in the mail.

    Apparently, the academic advisors are 'trained' to tell students who withdraw to expect a phone call from another office to iron out details with the refunds. This is not how the process works, according to the lady I spoke with. So those people were not on the same page.

    If anyone was denied a refund in the past and was in a similar situation, give them a call.

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    Re: Conclusion

    So anyone who does not send letters to DETC or reads Degreeinfo gets soaked by Kaplan's. Unfortunately this seems like standard operating procedure for Corporations today.

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