Kaplan College - Are they selling me a car?

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by dazednconfused, Jan 22, 2004.

  1. dazednconfused

    dazednconfused New Member

    Has anyone dealt with Kaplan College. I don't think the person that sold me my last car was this pushy.

    Every time I slow down the process to consider options, analyze information, or just contemplate, I get messages like:

    "The Admissions Board reviewed the file and I will need to know if you are moving further in order to keep the file open."

    What the heck is "...keep the file open..."

    Once I received one that said "...going to have to close your file unless..."

    I have been working with them for only two weeks now and this makes no sense.

    Does anyone have a Kaplan degree? Did you experience the same?

    PS. Also considering Amberton U - any good?
  2. Dennis Ruhl

    Dennis Ruhl member

    Do you mean to say that they don't offer a discount if you sign up immediately??
  3. airtorn

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  4. gmanmikey

    gmanmikey New Member

    I have no experience with Kaplan, but back in 1982 DeVRY "admissions" people were the same way. They acted like they worked on commission, and they probably did.

    Don't worry: if you decide to attend, your file will magically re-open.
  5. chachoran

    chachoran New Member

    I acutally ended up enrolling with Kaplan last month, but ended up withdrawing only two weeks later. The rep I spoke with on the phone told me a couple of things that were misleading.

    1) I told him since I have four young children, I only want to take one class at a time. I asked if I would still be considered full time status with financial aid, and he said it was no problem.

    2) I wanted something completely asynchronous. He told me about the one hour a week class session that I would need to attend. I told him my schedule was too hectic, and he just told me I could log onto the session whenever it was convenient for me. In that case, I figured, it was probably doable.

    After being officially enrolled, the academic advisor called to register me for my clasees. She told me I had to take 2 classes each session if the class was under 6 units. That was never mentioned prior to enrollment. Also, she wanted to schedule a set time for me to attend the weekly class seminar. She asked me "So what time will work for you? I have Mondays 11am or 7pm open. Or Thurs 9am, 1:15pm, 5pm open, or..." I was led to believe I could attend when it was convenient for me that week. Obviously, that wasn't the case.

    I called my academic advisor a week later and was able to withdraw before classes started. Still waiting on my refund and an official call from the admissions office with the formalities, etc.

    It was actually good that it happened because, through this forum, I was able to find another school much lower in tuition through http://collegedegrees.tripod.com/
    (I just applied to Thomas Edison State College for my BSBA Finance).

    Well, that was my experience with Kaplan. Needless to say, I wasn't pleased. I was so excited and ready to start only to find I was misled on more than one instance. Seemed to me the rep I spoke with just wanted to tell me what I wanted to hear, despite knowing my particular needs to work around my family.

    Good luck!

  6. ddkg

    ddkg New Member

    I'm having a similar problem with Concord University Law School (a division of Kaplan Higher Education). Last week I filled out an assessment, two days ago I took their admissions exam, and yesterday they were asking to charge tution to my credit card ($7,550.00/ year). I told their "admission consultant" that my husband and I don't have a credit card (the truth). She wanted me to send a check for $995.00 OVERNIGHT MAIL to hold a spot for me for their June enrollment and then it would be just $550.00 dollars a month. I told her today (when she called me AT WORK) that we discussed it and decided that we (my husband and I) needed to investigate some financing options. Her response was "Didn't you consider finances before you started the process?" I told her I did expect to be enrollment process to move a such a fast pace and we needed time to consider our options. I was told she would "keep my file on hold for one week and then it would have to be closed. Good-bye." click. (Boy was she ticked) Personally, I get a little concerned when anyone makes the kind of demands they were making. I already have my BA from a traditional ACCREDITTED and APPROVED college and was more than a little concerned that they move everthing along so fast and then get snippy with you when you say whoa horsey!! I never had that problem with the college I went to. When I had some financial questions and concerns they were more than happy to help me look into scholarships, loans, grants and other financial options, they also let me defer my enrollment for a semester. This on-line school only seemed interested in how fast they could get my money.:mad:
  7. seekinghelp

    seekinghelp New Member

    Someone should find a way to email this thread to Kaplan. I too, after inquiring about a group of courses was contacted repeatedly. I just got another email Tuesday, even though my file was "closed" in November because I didn't response quickly enough. The most recent email was that the group of classes was increasing from 1800 to 2700. Pretty healthy jump don't you think. And that I'd better act now before the costs increased again.
  8. Jack Tracey

    Jack Tracey New Member

    This presupposes that the Kaplan people would be "Shocked, shocked to find that there's aggressive marketing going on here!"
    This IMHO is naive. Not only do they already know all this, it's entirely intentional. It might be more useful to bookmark this thread, to be used with the next newbie who appears asking questions about Kaplan.

    To dazednconfused - Yes, after they sell you everything else, they'll sell you a car too. Then some sort of "Vego-Matic" thing, then a "Popeil Pocket Fisherman," then a Chia-Head. It NEVER stops.
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  9. gmanmikey

    gmanmikey New Member

    Yeah, but I like the Pocket Fisherman. It's really cool.
  10. rpanman

    rpanman New Member

    What kind of Car from Kaplan would you like?

    I know this thread is a little old but I went ahead and I did send this thread plus this email to an "advisor" I was talking to at Kaplan. I to was feeling a lot of negative vibes signing up for this place after talking to the rep. Here's our last email conversation.
    I find it rather amusing.- ( I * out the names to protect the innocent) ;)

    Subject: My Dicision


    After deep consideration I have made my decision not to attend Kaplan College after all. Please cancel my application, award letter, do not charge my charge card and please do not call me. Considering the amount of phone calls, our conversations, the "car salesman" type of approach, calling me while I'm at work, leaving 5 messages between my cell and home phone and unprofessional-ism you've displayed really put a bad taste in my mouth. The BS stories that you were giving me were not appreciated at all and I could hear it right thru your voice. It seemed as if you were just telling me everything I wanted to hear. Remember like I told you before I was in sales for over 8 years. I read all the books, listened to all the tapes, seminars, the whole 9. Not trying to brag that I was the best or I know everything but remember you can't sell a salesman. Well regardless I was sold already on the school and you simply oversold the sale by a couple of miles. Also a couple of times when we did talk it seemed as if you forgot who I was or what we discussed in our previous conversations. Word of advice: Take Notes!
    Oh and I'm not the only one that feels this way. Check out this link I found while searching the internet. http://forums.degreeinfo.com/showthread.php?threadid=11926&highlight=kaplan

    Thanks, but no thanks. My money will go toward a better school, education and degree.


    Her reply:


    You were very concerned re receiving the Application for Admission. Hence the messages that the Enrollment package was sent to you via fax at your place of employment, per your request, as your home fax was not operable. As I explained to you early on, there is no obligation. We will not charge your card, and will close your file. Obviously, your career as a Car Salesman has led you to believe that all people you speak with via the phone are "Car Salesmen"! That is an unfortunate disadvantage for you!

    My Reply:

    Subject: Exactly my point - I Was Never a Car Salesman

    If you had listened and took notes about me you would know that I was a Computer Salesman never a Car Salesman. Please do yourself and the school a favor and brush up on your sales techniques before you talk to the next idiot that wants sign his money away to your worthless school.

  11. rpanman

    rpanman New Member

    Oh I almost forgot!

    Thanks to this website I found out UMASS-Lowell Online has a great degree program for Info to Tech. that I've just signed up for.

    Thank you Degreeinfo.com

    :cool: :)

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