Just finished NCU Business Ethics graduate MBA course in 3 weeks

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    In the US, I have been asked to provide a WES report for the degree from prospect employers. WES gave me the equivalent to a US PhD degree so I go with this.

    I teach mainly IT and Operations research, in my field, most schools care about more about the skills than the prestige of the degree. I know my degree wouldn't fly with research oriented Universities that are more concerned about research and prestige of the degree. Most of my interviews were with small colleges and Universities offering technical programs. Most employers were more concern about my teaching experience and the courses I can handle.

    I went to Australia only once but this was at the beginning of the program. However, I could have negotiated no visits but I wanted to go to meet my supervisors (I had two).

    I think the DL PhD from Australia or UK would work in the US to teach at small schools or Universities but are looked down at research Universities. Many traditional Academics feel that Australian and British degrees are not the same as American ones as they lack the comprehensive exams and course work.

    I believe the British and Australian doctorates can be seen as a step up from online for profit doctorates but still consider inferior than traditional American doctorates due to their lack of course work and exams.
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    Thanks for the details. That helps paint a clearer picture.
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    I think your math is wrong. The average semester is 15 weeks, so a 3 hour undergrad course would have only 45 classroom hours, NOT 90. If your estimate of 2 hours study for each classroom hour was applied to this number, the total hours for the course come to 135 hours, NOT 270 hours.

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