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    A TV network is interested in the author of the big new bestseller The Makers Diet (in which apparently one eats what God says to eat, for 40 days).

    Jordan Rubin claims two doctorates (and no other degrees). One, in nutrition, is from the Academy of Natural Therapies (which has been discussed here; sued successfully and closed by Hawaii, now in Wyoming)

    The other is a Doctor of Naturopathy from the Peoples University of the Americas. My book has a very murky write-up on them, reflecting our inability to learn much a few years ago. Connections with Solna, Sweden; Spain; Puerto Rico; the Christian Orthodox Church; etc.

    Is there one such school, or two, or even three? If anything is known or knowable here, the information would be very much appreciated, either by posting here, or communicating directly with me at [email protected]. Thanks.

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    decimon Well-Known Member mentions People's University of the Americas (Puerto Rico) so they may know more.

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    Domain registration

    Domain Name: PUA.EDU

    Peoples University of the Americas
    1001 S. 10th St. E-131
    McAllen, TX 78501


    Administrative Contact:
    Peter R. Rothschild
    Peoples University of the Americas
    1001 S. 10th St. E-131
    McAllen, TX 78501
    (956) 630-1476
    [email protected]

    Technical Contact:
    Anthony Acosta
    Kennedy Media Group
    2301 N. 25th St.
    McAllen, TX 78501
    (956) 867-8088
    [email protected]

    Name Servers:

    Domain record activated: 11-Sep-1998
    Domain record last updated: 16-Jan-2003
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    Rector Rothschild's c.v. is here.
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    WOW! Déjà Vu!

    While researching another matter, I ran across the Peoples University of the Americas earlier today, and was wondering what became of them. Some graduates of the school seem to believe that, at one time, PUA was located in New York (branch campuses, perhaps?), but the school didn't mention this in their history Web site. It also seems to have spawned a few spin-offs or knock-offs, such as the Peoples University of the Caribbean and University of the European Peoples.

    Mons. Peter R. Rothschild, MD, ThD, NMD, PhD, Territorial Archbishop of Puerto Rico, has claimed to be the Rector of the school, the head of the Immunology Department, the Medical Director, and its Chief of Clinical Research. Mons. Dr. Rothschild claims a degree from Sussex Institute of Technology, Gregory Earl Caplinger’s (a.k.a. Gregory Frazier) alma mater. He also the CEO Rothschild Bioresearch Corporation, a “biotechnological research, development and manufacturing corporation based in Mexico, with branches in Puerto Rico, and the Peoples Republic of China” (see here).
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