Jeff Bozos - corporate welfarer in chief

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    It depends on what the jobs are. If most of the population there can't fill those jobs the new folks coming in are going to drive up the cost of living and the locals are going to be worse off. Latest article I saw, might even be that one, said they aren't looking for another location for what was going to be in NY.
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    I don’t understand why they are not looking for another location. Nothing has changed except a few liberalists drove them out of NY. No municipal should pay a single cent, until after Amazin first make a decision. Amazon can even build a build a city from nothing without a single penny of poor people money. There is more enough open space in America to build a new city.
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    Moderate Democrats are furious with AOC over the HQ2 thing. Really, she's not popular with many Democratic politicians. Nancy Pelosi belittled the Green New Deal in similar manner to the f-you clap toward Donald. Pelosi is so shady.

    On one hand, I think AOC is crazy and annoying. On the other hand, it looks like New York offered more than they would be getting back. I can also understand the fears of gentrification since the people living in those neighborhoods wouldn't qualify for the HQ2 jobs, and upper middle class people would move in and raise the rents and real estate prices. All one has to do is look at Austin. Austin started attracting a lot of high-paying tech jobs, and people from all around Texas and other states moved in willing to pay a lot of money to rent and purchase homes in working class neighborhoods.

    East Austin is a historically black area, but black people have been driven out. They can't afford to keep the houses that they have because property taxes have become so high due to home value increases. And, young black people who grew up in those neighborhoods can't afford to rent or buy in those same neighborhoods now that they're adults. This has resulted in the black share of the population dropping from 10% to 8% in 2010. Currently, it's estimated that the black share of the population is close to 6%. But, the suburbs of Austin have been seeing an increase in the number of black residents because housing is cheaper in those places.
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    I don’t share AOC’s politics but for a young person in politics, She merits an A. Her reasons are somewhat valid. However, NY should have encouraged Amazon to develop unused land. Gentrification is a problem in new york but if it is driven by the free market I guess it’s palatable.
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    Well, they do put distribution centers there; a friend of mine works for the one out in rural Front Royal, Virginia.

    The rest of HQ2 was already going to be in Northern Virginia, I expect that the part that would have gone to NYC will just go there.
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    First fallacy is that Amazon wants to do something great. What Amazon wants to do is:
    1. Have easier access to talent from east coast schools. Gain a talent advantage
    2. Reduce their percentage of the cost of shipping. Because the buyer doesn't pay all of it.
    3. Increase visibility of their brand and capture more of the shopping market

    Amazon does not care one iota for the population of the US that is not employed by Amazon or buying its stuff. In fact, if what it does pushes people out of the urban centers; it actually creates more customers for its services as they won't be walking out the door and around the block to buy things from local businesses.

    Personally, I'd work for Bezos. He knows how to run a business. I don't care much at all for the liberal arguments going around right now because unless the end result is "this will put food, services and wealth directly into the hands of the needy" it's all garbage. If you have a problem with the 1%.. tax them on profits to 80%. They'll still have enough to take care of themselves for the next 10 generations as payroll expenses come off the top before tax.
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