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    Hello everyone,

    I am looking for an IT-related Master degree (Computer science, Software engineering, or anything else IT-related):

    - It has to be 100% online (if the course can be completed through coursework/discussions/projects online, that'd be even better, because of the nature of my job)

    - Has to be RA

    - Very fast/accelerated (even if it's a full time workload, I will be able to cope with it, because of the nature of my employer and his wish that I obtain a graduate degree)

    - Cost is no issue, literally. My employer will cover up to about US$ 150k, which should cover just about anything out there, I think. They also want to profit from Euro to US$ conversion rates, because at the moment, they get almost 50% off through the conversion rates alone, heh. Thus, as long as above things are fulfilled (100% online, RA, fast/accelerated), cost won't be a problem.

    I am willing to consider *any* school, no matter what "perceived reputation" it may have, as long as it is regionally accredited.

    Thanks in advance,

    P.S. Thanks goes to Bruce for solving my registration problems :)
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    Thanks for your reply. Yeah I guess I'm lucky to have such a willing employer, hehe... They are very demanding as well, so I guess it all balances out...

    NU seems ok so far, but I couldn't find the programme duration or almost any other details on their site.

    There is a notice about 12 courses one needs to take, but no mention as to how long they last, how often you can take them, how many of those you could take at the same time, examinations or coursework and how long would it take to complete the degree?
  4. Gesserit

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    I forgot to add - I live in Europe (Germany, to be precise), so things like "look at your nearest CC for this or that" and similar aren't easy to do ;)
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    What about doing a program in information systems, computer information systems, information assurance, or management information systems? A lot of people in my information systems classes are IT people.

    More programs:
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    If cost is not an issue, I would recommend Stanford or Carnegie Mellon.
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    If you are looking for accelerated then I would suggest Regis University and Baker College.

    Regis has several degrees and Baker has one. The accelerated 8 and 6 week schedules are nice and allow one to take a full time course load if they take two classes at time.

    Here are the links:

    These may not be my first choice in distance IT-related master's degrees but they are the ones I would consider if I needed to complete a RA degree quickly.
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    University of Liverpool MSIT

    Check out UoL, they have multiple IT programs online. Overall the quality is pretty good and I believe I learned a lot (I just submitted my MSIT thesis last week). I found it rather time intensive and it definitely did not appear like an easy route to a degree. I you push hard you can complete the course work in 64 weeks and the thesis in another 26 weeks or so --> the program can be completed in under two years if you are willing to commit 20 hours a week to it every week of the 80 weeks.



    BS IS Management, University of San Francisco
    MS IS, University of San Francisco
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    Hi East Carolina University offers an MS in Computer Networking Management, an MS in Information Security, and an MS in Digital Communications degree all online:

    Scroll down that link and you will see the programs that are offered.
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    Since cost is no issue (lucky you!) - I would also check out Columbia.

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  15. friedrich

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    - Open University

    - Liverpool has been mentioned

    - USQ ( )

    Several german programs as well like , most german programs tend to have high residency requirements.

    I am an USQ Alumni living in Germany, so You are welcome to ask about them here or via private message.
  16. Gesserit

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    Thanks everyone!

    After a lot (and then some more, heh) of thinking and lot of talking with different Universities, I finally made my choice:

    I have been accepted at the University of Liverpool, MSc IT programme, starting in May :)

    Anyone of you people studied there? Any tips, experiences or suggestions to share?

    Once again, big thanks to everyone here, this place is really great for info :)
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