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Discussion in 'IT and Computer-Related Degrees' started by BrusseJames, Jul 28, 2003.

  1. BrusseJames

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    I am fed up with the red tape "brick-and-mortar" education and work schedule, I have begun searching for an online program to complete my Information Systems. It seems to me that a lot of programs bypass the business background in thier curriculum, which I would like to have for MBA purposes later on. Thus far, in my research, UMass-Lowell; Wash St.; and N.J. Inst of Technology, seem to have the most diversified degree plans. Any suggestions on where else to look, advice, testimonials from graduates, etc. Any help appreciated.

    Brusse James
  2. BrusseJames

    BrusseJames New Member

    My apologies...BS/BBA/BA whichever it falls into, but a Bachelor's degree.
  3. My advice:

    The easiest is not the same as the best. Go with the best school/dept. in terms of reputation you can afford.

    Dave A
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    I am going to start Washington State this semester in Business and Information systems. I can tell you everyone there has been super! They are nice and they respond quickly to your inquiries.

    University of Wyoming seemed like a good option. Best wishes!
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    Drexel and the University of Illinois just recently offered online programs.

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