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    Institute of Science and Technology (Missouri) - State Approved
    They provide only 5 subject specific degrees, from Associates, Bachelors, to Masters and Doctorate
    Undergrad link:
    Graduate programs:

    Tuition is expensive for this institution for all levels, but, if you can get a full ride scholarship...
    I think it's well worth it to apply and see if they will provide that scholarship, you save so much!
    Tuition is on page 56/57 in the pdf (61/62 page numbers within the document below)

    Roger Billings is the owner and includes subsidiaries such as and
    Pricing for Powerhomeschool is affordable for the learning content, pretty good for homeschoolers...
    I also checked Acellus, it has RA with WASC and cost twice as much, this is accredited/recognized...
    I was looking at these options over other course providers for my family members, may work for yours.

    Basically, I am thinking ahead and may skip the homeschooling material, external tutoring and go for these instead.
    For the price, this beats the Eye Level or Kumon tutoring options by cost but it's all online for K-12.
    I don't know, at $25/month, Powerhomeschool has most of the info I need, that's 1/10th of the tutoring agencies.
    Going with Acellus, with a scholarship and weekly webinars, it's $79/month, which is still very affordable.
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    Wow! a Doctorate degree from an accredited school costs ~$66,000.00. I don't think it is worth the money and effort. He should change the name to Billings Institute of Science and Technology; at least you know where the money go to. :D
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    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

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    I was like, "Why, is it in Billings, Montana, rather than in Missouri? [....] [....] Ohhhhhhh." :D
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    Yup, it's that expensive... but again, if you get the full scholarship, having a state recognized degree might not be all that bad, especially if it's a PhD in something that's rather hard to get and if you only use this for personal development/enrichment. If no scholarship or partial scholarship (less than half or something), I would search for something else...
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    You can get funded for a PhD at an accredited institution.
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