Is your school AACSB accredited? Let me get back to you

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by 9Chris, Aug 6, 2003.

  1. 9Chris

    9Chris New Member

    I spoke with a admission advisor from Strayer University today. (at 10:15 AM EST)

    We were discussing the cost, computer requirements (Oh, I have Windows Me which the school does not support) etc. When we came to the accrediation question he told me that they were accredited by the Middle State the same as Princeton (I already knew this infomation). When I asked about being AACSB, he said that I was the first person to ask that question and that he would call me back in 1/2 hour or e-mail me the answer. (I am certain they are not because it does not mention it on their website and the AACSB website doesn't have them listed. (of course the last time I looked it hadn't been updated since April 2003)) It is now 11:10PM EST and still no response. I am hoping that he just forgot to call or e-mail me, I would hate to think that he is still looking for the answer.
  2. AV8R

    AV8R Active Member

    Although AACSB is widely discussed on this forum, I've discovered that most people don't have the first clue about this form of accreditation. Most HR personnel have never heard of it and yes, even some university representatives are ignorant in this area as well.

    Based on my not-so-scientific research on this subject, it appears that the only people who really give a flip about AACSB are colleges and universities that are AACSB accredited.

  3. Carlos M. Lorie

    Carlos M. Lorie New Member

    I think you are right.
  4. manjuap

    manjuap New Member

    Sometime back st Leo told me that it was not that keen on AACSB as they are predominantly a "teaching" university and not a "research" one.
  5. 9Chris

    9Chris New Member

    I finally received a reply to my question today at 3:26 PM EST

    The school sounded interesting, however, other alternatives can be found for less money and with a more recognizable name.

    I still think that it was strange that the counselor did not know the answer and that it took a day and 1/2 to get back to me.

    Another learning experience.
  6. Han

    Han New Member

    He may have been new. I agree with Cyrus, but if you want to teach at some schools, it is a must.

    AACSB is equally uninformed. I asked if a program was accredited, and was told no, but then when I forwarded the e-mail to the school, they fired off an e-mail to AACSB asking to have their representatives told that this program was accredited.

    I wanted to get in writing that this program was AACSB from the AACSB folks, but they now won't return my e-mails.
  7. AV8R

    AV8R Active Member


    How did the interviews go at Henley? What was your impression of the school?

  8. There's a post on's Dis Ed about the importance of the AACSB. The Chronicle of Higher Education makes the point to teach at most accredited schools's - it's needed.

    "One position candidate with a doctorate from Union Institute was once told that he would get further with a CV that didn't have "Union Institute" on it. "

  9. Andy Borchers

    Andy Borchers New Member

    I'd argue that prospective students should care about AACSB - not because of what potential employers might think, but rather because the best business in the U.S. are AACSB accredited. If you want the best possible education in business - you're likely to find it at an AACSB school. If you're driven by other factors (cost, convenience, etc.) you may want to look at non-AACSB schools.

    Regards - Andy

  10. Han

    Han New Member

    And if you want to teach at AACSB, you probably won't get a job when obtaining a degree from a non-AACSB degree.

    Also, my employer only reimburses AACSB schools.
  11. Ike

    Ike New Member

    A doctorate degree issued by Henley is AACSB-accredited because Henley MBA has AACSB accreditation but a doctorate degree issued by Brunel isn't. The good news is that Henley will receive royal charter to award doctorates before you complete your program. It appears that AACSB would not confirm anything in writing at this point because Henley does not award any doctorate at the moment. It's like putting the cart before the horse. Besides, they have informed you earlier that a doctorate issued by Brunel is not AACSB-accredited.

  12. Han

    Han New Member

    I received an e-mail from Henley stating that it is, and that they confirmed and clarified with AACSB.

    I am not sure why AACSB will not respond, but I don't think it is becuase the degree is not accredited. I have posted the e-mail on the Henley thread, is what you are saying is the Henley is covering up something?
  13. borisdarling

    borisdarling member


    I just went and read the article. Nice to see the CHE write about something that "everybody knows" - but often don't. Congratulations on the profile! :)

    I'm surprised that this discussion has not surfaced previously, since it's as significant a distinction as RA/DETC.


  14. Ike

    Ike New Member

    I don't think that Henley is covering up something. They presented their point of view to you. As long as Henley will confer the degree, it will be considered as an AACSB-accredited degree. If any school other than Henley will award the degree, I believe that it is AACSB (rather than Henley) that will have the final word on its accreditation. Like many have suggested, your degree will most likely be AACSB-accredited because Henley will be authorized in the U.K to award doctoral degrees in about a year or two. Did Henley forward the response they received from AACSB to you?
  15. Han

    Han New Member

    I called AACSB today, and they did forward me an e-mail that it is currently an AACSB program , though it is a Brunnel degree. Interesting.
  16. vical

    vical New Member

    I believe that the requirement for an AACSB degree for teaching at an AACSB school is the individual school's decision, not a AACSB requirement.

    My recent exchange of e-mail with the AACSB appears to bear this out. The reply was somewhat vague though.

    Can anyone clarify this?

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