is online science learning possible?

Discussion in 'Online & DL Teaching' started by avijitmukherjee, Apr 1, 2017.

  1. Hey There.

    organizations are claiming that they can provide my son effective science tutoring, is this possible? is learning science online a good move? Allow me to know...before I go and waste some on online science teachers.

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    So that's what the T stands for!
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    Well.... its a new trend and there is no harm in availing online science teachers if the student is comfortable with it. I have been learning french online and the experience is good.

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    And for my next trick I will point out to the ladies and gentlemen in the studio audience that Avijitmukherjee and our newest friend harrywilson are, in fact, one and the same person. So say au revoir to harry and अलविदा to avijit for that nice example of "multiple logins" violation of the TOS.
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    Responding seriously to the original post, I'll say that I have mixed feelings about whether science can be taught effectively by distance learning.

    My view is that DL does lecture classes very well, but it is far less effective with labs. So to the extent that a science major can be completed entirely with lecture classes, DL should work. (Something like applied mathematics perhaps.) But if a major requires the use of instruments and the development of hands-on technique, then not so much.

    I can't for a moment imagine a successful DL microbiology major. Online simulations won't teach a student to streak an agar plate, to prepare microscopic samples, to confidently use a microscope or to be able to perform a gram-stain reliably. There's the whole matter of laboratory safety as well.

    It's certainly possible to imagine a hybrid microbiology major, with lecture classes delivered remotely but students having to appear for lab training in person.
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    I did an entire premed sequence AND a prenursing sequence - all as a distance learner and never took an "online simulation" so I can't speak to that, but some of my classes were better than others (obviously). Since I'm a homeschool parent, I am a total geek about setting up labs in the home- and we have everything you need to do basic 100 level stuff. Yes, agar and e. Coli in the frig- yes staining. There is nothing exceptionally hard- order the lab kit, watch the videos, take photos/video, (incubate), upload into your lab report and submit. I do think a significant DISADVANTAGE is the requirement to rely on yourself for the lab. I would have loovvved to have a nice, smart lab partner to ask questions to when I was less than <cough> prepared for the lab.

    EDIT: I wanted to add that I learned "enough" to earn A's in all my undergrad science classes. Later, in grad school, a class with a biochemistry prereq kicked my butt a bit, and I ended up with an A- in that one. All that said, who cares? Learning and earning a credential are different things- and whether or not I was "genuinely engaged" in the love of science, or was just doing enough to earn an A, a student's motive and "take away" is never in the rubric.
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    it is possible because i am studying my RICS APC course to get my Chartered Membership (MRICS)
    i am doing engineering online
    everything is possible nowadays
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