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  1. Xarick

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    I would like to move up in my company and in order to do that i need a BS (was just turned down for a job due to lack of one). I am considering a BS in applied CS with a minor in business or a BS in business admin . Do you think it really matters which I get?
  2. Fortunato

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    Depends on how "checkbox-driven" your company's HR department is. If the job you want at your company requires a BS in CS and that's all the HR department will look for before allowing you to interview, then go for the BS in CS. If your HR department understands that a large percentage of programmers and other IT types come from backgrounds other than CS, then any old bachelor's degree should do - they're just looking to prove that you're someone who can successfully complete complex tasks towards a focused goal over a long period of time. I'm a business admin grad myself, and I've had a pretty long and successful IT career (mostly as a manager type, but I still do a substantial amount of coding). I will say, though, that I've had some HR drones tell me that they couldn't consider me for a position because I did not possess the CS degree required by the advertisement.

    Basically, if you consider that it will take roughly the same effort to earn either of the two degrees, then you should earn the one you feel will have the maximum utility for you given the time and money you will invest in earning it. Only you know how you want your career to progress, but I will say this (and the following is my opinion, not some inalienable truth): Earning a CS degree tells your employer that you see yourself as a specialist to a certain extent, that you anticipate a technical career path, and that you're well-prepared for it. A business admin degree tells your employer that you see yourself as a generalist, who is not necessarily wedded to the technical track. In a few years, you might see yourself in sales, or HR, or some other facet of the business. This isn't a bad thing - most high level executives work across a wide range of functional areas on their way up the ladder. Just remember that you are saying something about yourself when you choose a major. Best of luck!
  3. JLV

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    It would matter if you had access to elite universities which could make the difference. If you don't, I would get any bachelor from an RA accredited university and I would move on to get an MBA or whatever it was necessary or you liked. Then most likely you will be very well off, in a position to choose good jobs.

    It is better to take a wrong decision than not to take one, if you know what I mean....
  4. BlueMason

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    What do you want to do with the degree? Will a BS in CS be more beneficial to you in the long run or will a BBA ? What about consulting the HR department - talk to someone within the company to see if they'll help you in the decision making process...
  5. Xarick

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    I just want to move up. I asked some managers and they all say it doesn't matter just get a degree. I guess I am looking to open a maximum number of doors so I can move in any direction. The BBA degree would come with an accounting concentration so that would open accounting jobs and managment jobs vs IT jobs and hopefully management jobs. I guess.
  6. Dave Wagner

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    Ask the HR Director. Unless they are glorified bookkeepers without the requisite accounting training, as many are, they should be able to provide an intelligent answer to your question. This is what they are supposed to be there for...


    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Well, if this is the case... then you should apply to Thomas Edison State College for BAS in Computer Science. Since you have lot of experience in the field, you can do the PLA (Prior Learning Assessment), CLEP, DANTES, GAME INSTITUTE CREDITS, and etc. Therefore you can complete your degree within 6 months. After that apply to Harvard University for MLA in Software Engineering.
  8. PhD2B

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    You mentioned the BBA will have an accounting concentration. If the accounting concentration offers enough coursework to sit for the CPA, then I think either degree will make you very marketable.

    On the other hand, if the BBA does not give you enough coursework to sit for the CPA, then the BS in CS will open more doors.

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