Is Fort Hays State University a good school for graduate studies?

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by bennylinus, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. bennylinus

    bennylinus New Member

    I'm curious about their Master of Liberal Studies program.

    What's the reputation of this school?

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    FHSU is not ranked as top schools, but you can't go wrong with Regional Accredited School. If you walk on the street and ask people whether they have heard of Fort Hays State University, maybe 1 out of 10 people would know. Is there any reason you want to go for Master in Liberal Studies?
  3. Farina

    Farina New Member

    A colleague of mine is currently in the MLS program for ESOL and she's enjoying it. She says the pace is just right for working professionals, although she is not in love with the 10 credit courses in "Liberal Studies" requirement. But other than that she says it's worth the money.

    If you google the degree you will find plenty of examples of faculty members with the MLS degree working at RA and state colleges.

  4. obecve

    obecve New Member

    It is a state university with a pretty good reputation. It is not Harvard, but it is a worthy school.
  5. mknehr

    mknehr New Member


    Ive attended 6 schools on-line (Toledo, FHSU, Jackson CC, WKU, Excelsior, and Chadron State) and FHSU has been my favorite.

    Im a grad of their MLS program (Organizational Leadership) and i teach as an adjunct in the Leadership Studies Dept.

    For their MLS program, some concentrations are more developed than others and have more course offerings, but their tuition is rock-bottom pricing for RA school and is a solid (if little-known) university.

    Id be happy to share my experience at FHSU, just send me a PM and we can chat.

    Good luck!
  6. Ron Dotson

    Ron Dotson New Member

    MLS Grad

    I too graduated from FHSU's MLS program (Human Resource Management). I enjoyed my time at Fort Hays and would highly recommend the program to you if their offerings fit your needs. Feel free to ask me any questions about FHSU as well.
  7. austinator

    austinator New Member

    I'm strongly considering the FHSU MLS degree.
  8. djryval

    djryval New Member

    Do the online courses at FHSU use proctored exams or do you take them online?
  9. Ron Dotson

    Ron Dotson New Member

    Most of the classes required for my concentration had online exams if an exam was required.

    Some of your IDS classes may require a proctor and your IDS Comp will require a proctor.

    My concentration was Human Resource Management and the Comps for that concentration were online with no proctor.
  10. major56

    major56 Active Member

    As previously mentioned … the MLS tuition rate would be hard to beat. Besides, IMO the name Fort Hays State has a ring to it. :cool:
  11. mknehr

    mknehr New Member

    No proctors required for me,.

    none of my FHSU MLS courses required a proctor, even my comps were unproctored. (I was in the Organizational Leadership concentration)
  12. CJ Ed

    CJ Ed New Member

    I came here today to ask about the MLS programs at FHSU, as I am considering going back to school for a masters. I liked what I saw on the FHSU website about the coursework. I'm glad to see grads of the MLS program posting here with positive comments.
  13. Ron Dotson

    Ron Dotson New Member

    I heard from another source (cannot remember where) that the MLS comps were not proctored at one time. It would have been much more convenient for me at the time to not worry about finding a proctor but it was necessary. Even so, FHSU was a good experience. I was able to keep my own schedule for class-work and testing throughout most of the program.

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