Is anyone on Western Governor University's shortlist?

Discussion in 'Online & DL Teaching' started by DonaDiabla, May 16, 2017.

  1. DonaDiabla

    DonaDiabla New Member

    Hello everyone,

    Recently, I have applied for a teaching position at Western Governor University. However, I received an email stating that I will be put on their shortlist. I was just wondering if anyone has been put on their shortlist? If so, what is your experience?
  2. AsianStew

    AsianStew Moderator Staff Member

    I assume like any other company hiring, people placed on the shortlist is for "backup" purposes.
    That means for some reason, if the X amount before you didn't take the job, they'll consider you.
    Having said that, the majority of the time, being on the shortlist doesn't mean anything at all.
    In other words, after 6 months time, you drop off the list and another shortlist is created from applications.
  3. Michigan68

    Michigan68 Active Member

    I was told I was on their "short list", in so many words.

    I interviewed with them and interviewed and interviewed.
    This took approx 2.5 months.

    The woman interviewing me was continuously canceling and rescheduling because of family issues.

    When I wanted to re-schedule an interview, because of travel, she replied back with "Maybe teaching is not for you, WGU demands student have accessibility to teachers"

    I had an awful experience with them, maybe yours will be better.
  4. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    Anyone else remember Night Court?

    Dan: How did you get appointed to the bench?
    Harry: You know Dan, that's a funny story. It was the mayor's last day in office and it was a Sunday and my name was at the bottom of the list of a 1,000 candidates. So they start calling folks starting at the top of the list. You see it's Sunday and no one's home. So they keep calling down the list, name by name. No one answers. Finally they get down to the bottom of the list and voila.
    Lana: You mean you were appointed a judge because…
    Harry: I was home.
  5. DonaDiabla

    DonaDiabla New Member

    Thanks everyone for your answers!
  6. suelaine

    suelaine Member


    While I'm sure other schools have ridiculous interviewing and hiring practices as well, I will admit I had an Interview for this school and it has left me with nothing but negativity.

    I had an initial interview that seemed to go very well and was told that I made it to the next step. They gave email instructions for writing a specific essay and making and uploading a video lesson on a topic in my area.

    I took this very seriously because at the time I thought it would be nice to work for only one online school instead of several. I spent most of my spare time in a week creating and perfecting my essay and video and then submitted them as directed. Shortly thereafter, I got a call for my next interview. Silly me, I thought that meant they liked my essay and video, and those were what qualified me for the next step.

    This interview was with the two specific people that I was to send the essay and video link to. One question they asked me was about using Mathematics software packages and I made a reference to my video lesson which was about using a Mathematics software package. It quickly became evident that neither had watched my video or read my essay. If this is a common practice, it is a just plain disgusting way to play games with people.

    For the four schools that I currently work for, I was Interviewed by only one person and hired very soon after the Interview with no games or pretenses. Two of the schools I work for are for-profit and two are not.
  7. jonlevy

    jonlevy Active Member

    Basically, online shcools are horrible employers. A few are ethical, most are terrible.

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