Initial Teacher Certification by distance in Canada?

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    Hello all,

    Long time lurker, infrequent poster!

    I'm writing on behalf of my wife who is interested in completing an initial teacher certification program by distance that can be completed in Canada.

    The university does not have to be in Canada, but she must be able to complete the degree and practice teacher placements in Canada. We live in Northern Ontario and do not have access to a university where she can attend a campus.

    I have found universities in the US, such as Western Governors and others in England that have programs via distance, but they all seem to require that the practice teaching be completed in their respective countries.

    I have also found some B.Ed programs in Canada by distance, but so far only for French speaking, hearing impaired, or indigenous peoples.

    Anyway, I was about to give up, but I thought I would reach out to you all as a last ditch effort! If any of you know of something that would fit the bill, I would really appreciate it.

    Also, I should mention that my wife is interested mainly in primary education, but she is open to any level of elementary.

    Thank you in advance!

  2. nyvrem

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    RHYTHM New Member

    Thank you for the suggestion. Apparently as an international student, my wife would not be able to receive teacher certification...just a "certificate of completion". Too bad, otherwise it would probably do the trick.

    RHYTHM New Member

    Actually I'm thinking UNISA might work. I will check with the Ontario College of Teachers, but I have not noticed anything in the UNISA website that looks prohibitive. Anyone know of any reason why it wouldn't work?
  5. Dustin

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    I'm not sure if you've seen Thomson Rivers University yet (TRU):


    RHYTHM New Member

    Hi Dustin,

    Thank you for the suggestion. While TRU does offer a lot of distance education programs, unfortunately this doesn't seem to be one of them. It looks like you have to attend classes and complete teacher practice in BC.

    I'm still waiting to hear back from the Ontario College of Teachers about the possibility of a UNISA BEd degree, but seeing as it is the Summer, things are moving very slowly...fingers crossed!

    Thanks again,

  7. Dustin

    Dustin Well-Known Member

    Shoot! I was under the impression all of TRU's programs were DL. Good luck with UNISA.


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