Indictments of St. Regis' alleged operators

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  1. antraeindubh

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    The Dip Mills are just like drug dealers - if you start cracking down on dealers on 10th Street, they move up to 14th. Same with the mills - LA started slamming them and they just moved to Pass Christian, MS and other places nearby.
  2. galanga

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    text of the indictment...

    Bill Morlin's Spokane Spokesman-Review article, as well as the text of the indictment, are posted here.
  3. uncle janko

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    vell hello dere

    Great to see another professional mill-buster posting here! We amateurs stand in awe.
  4. antraeindubh

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    We would never beat these mills if it were not for everyone's help in identifying them. If anyone hears of a brand new one - and they pop up everyday - send a note on to the Department of Justice, the Department of Defense, or make the sorry Department of Education actually do some work.

    I am not out there looking for them all the time - but every now and then I come across a fake degree or a new mill - and man, it pisses me off. It's distressing just how far people can go with a Masters they bought for the price of one of my credit hours for my real Masters...a degree that I am spending hours every night studying for.

    If I am going to spend perfectly good time on schoolwork - time that could be spent playing with the kids, fishing, or napping...then there is no way anyone else should get a great job with a bogus degree.
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    "I can't imagine I will need anymore than an MBA in my field - most of the senior managers don't even have one, and my company is the biggest of in the industry. So any other learning will be entirely for my own enjoyment."

    Posted by antraeindubh
    in another thread.


    I thought you were an agent?
  6. DesElms

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    Hear, hear!

    (And the millists wonder why we want to "out" them... and see honor, and not shame, in so doing.) :rolleyes:
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    But still a better preacher than 99.12% of all the preachers I have ever heard (and I have heard many).

    Tom Nixon
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    I Knew it! There is a god![ :D But I wonder how my old boss at DaimlerChrysler (Pompous SRU 'Grad') is going to take the news?:D

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