Indiana State University: LPN to BSN Online Program

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    Hello all,

    My girlfriend and I came across this program today. It is an LPN to BSN program for nursing at Indiana State University. The url can be found here: Indiana State University: LPN/LVN to BS Program

    Has anybody been in this program or knows anybody who has been in this program. Is there any more information out there? My girlfriend has her LPN and has been looking into RN schools locally. With this program she could do her RN and BSN all in one and save time and money while she works. By my understanding, the course work is done online and the clinical work is done at a local hospital or medical center.

    Any info would be appreciated! Thanks!
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    We need it for certification in's one of the approved states! :) Which surprised me because PA is usually strict about EVERYTHING. Thanks for your response!
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    When did Guam achive statehood?

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    BTW the website you posted is a shill site for the College network. CN has been screwing nurses for years. They take something free or cheap and sell it for a huge fee. Its a study guide for clep testing, one of their study guids for anz and intep lit will run you $400+....

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