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  1. Do all Canadians learn the same puntuation anomalies, or does something else give rise to the similarities between your posts & those of Johnny Reincarnation?

    Never mind, don't answer that. I'll just beat the rush and add you to the Twit Filter. G'bye, eh.
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    Re: Proof

    (This is not intended to spark a flamefest, Scott.) Certainly one hopes that this is the case. The fact is that a number of traditional institutions in the U.S. have somewhat hurriedly prepared DL programs to insure that they retain "market share". (Don't get me wrong, I welcome their entry into the DL marketplace, and trust that this trend will continue.)

    If you say so. At this point, I cannot equate a Harvard extension course with the traditional Harvard course just yet. The academic rigor may well be there (and I wouldn't be amazed if it were), but it's simply too early to judge whether or not this is truly the case. Do understand that anyone can take a Harvard extension course - all that is required is one's willingness to pay. Thus, I must regard the University of London's extension program as superior, considering UL's long history of offering DL programs. (I could also name several Australian, South African, and even *GASP!* - American universities as well.)

    Actually, no. The elite American universities appear to be quite satisfied with their current niche in U.S. higher education. Please understand this Scott - the Ivy League institutions (and others) have never been characterized by innovation at the pedagogic level. (Research-related paradigms are, of course, another matter.) They will embrace DL only when their "market share" is perceived to be threatened by "lesser institutions". My own view is that "life-long" learning will forever be (and is) dominated by DL programs. It is my hope that all (or, at least most) U.S. institutions will enter the fray.

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    No overhead? Are software, servers, programmers, coordinators free of charge in Canada? My own institution has discovered that preparing for online delivery of course work required a significant investment. If you meant establishing a degree mill, well then - when did it ever require a significant cost?

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    Listen - Scot, or whatever else he might call himself, is little else but a troll. As many of you have stated, his posts are recognizable qualitatively. DON'T ANSWER THEM (I confess that I have broken this rule myself). C'mon folks, if there are any rules on the internet, the first rule is DON'T FEED THE TROLL. (or maybe it's, "don't post your credit card number." ;)
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    Interesting... I guess anyone with an opinion different than yours is a troll.

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