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    I meant to post this in May, but after putting in so much work on my degree I decided to procrastinate a little. I recently finished a BS in Business Administration from Franklin University through distance learning. In all, I was very happy with the experience. The rigor was on par with what I experienced at a B&M state school and the students were generally better than the other schools I've attended. I highly recommend the school to those interested.

    Also, as the thread title suggests, I am getting started on a new goal. I was recently accepted to the University of Arkansas MS in Operations Management program. My background is in military operations so I am hoping that the OM degree will make me competitive for operations jobs in the private sector. I believe there are some operations managers on this board....if so, any advice for me?
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    I did check that program out but decided to go with Arkansas. I think the Alabama program might be superior for those strictly working in manufacturing, but Arkansas offers more classes and can therefore be tailored towards other fields. This works better for me since I am not sure where I will eventually find work. I also like the 8-week classes that Arkansas offers and the slightly lower price.

    I hope to knock this degree out quickly and then move on to a more prestigious program within whatever field I am working in.

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