How to prep for ICCP Core?

Discussion in 'IT and Computer-Related Degrees' started by InjunJoe, May 3, 2004.

  1. InjunJoe

    InjunJoe New Member

    I plan on taking the ICCP Core test in July. Purchased the Bird prep material and was less that impressed. For those of you who have taken this test successfully, what did you use to prepair for the test?
  2. slappy

    slappy New Member

    I took it in 2000. Used the Bird products. It is horrible. So outdated. Took it twice in fact. The first time I made a 69. Missed by one point. Since it would count for 18 credits for my Excelsior degree I decided to give it another try. Crammed very hard and got a 70 the next time. Whew.
    I have taken the Psyc GRE. A number of CLEP, Dantes and Excelsior exams. I never studied more than 3 days for any of those exams ecept the GRE and never received less than a B. I studied the hardest for the ICCP and could not get my head around it even with 13 years of IT experience. Unless they have updated it you have to ignore any technological advances of the last 15 years or so. For example, according to ICCP the only way to transmit graphics is by fax.

    Wish I had better news. Good luck.
  3. MikeMCSD

    MikeMCSD New Member

    Well said slappy . . .
    I'd say my general experience with ICCP has
    been horrible. I'll go into detail at a later date.

    If you can manage to pass the Core, I guess it
    would be worth to try for it if it gives you 18 credits.
    But I would avoid taking the individual exams (3 credits) and
    instead take online courses. You will learn more
    and won't have to worry above failing the exam and
    losing $250.00. :mad:
  4. Alnico

    Alnico New Member

    I took it last month and passed it upon experience alone. I did view the section for it in the ICCP's Complete Guide --- and found that it was a good estimate of what to expect. The guide has a list of many resources to prep.

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