How important is a big name school?

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    They may have said that everyone takes the same courses at the same time, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you have to take them too if you can get exempt from some. What I have noticed with "Cohort" programs is that they definitely want to "fill that spaces" with paying students. If the capacity is 30 students per cohort and they have 28, you are in a good bargaining position. If they have 35, you're out of luck.

    I would definitely being a "pain in the butt" with negotiations. You have nothing to lose since you are already in a good doctoral program. If they reject your propositions, no big deal. You'd be surprised what a well written letter or e-mail can do.

    Good luck!
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    That's not a bad idea. They have 15 slots and had 16 applicants. In the last cohort they had here in 2005, they took 4 more people than slots due to known attrition. And, from that cohort, I think they are pretty close to finishing with about 12 people. I should have no problem being admitted, but I would never assume.

    If I could get them to count 3 or 4 courses from my masters program, that would mean I'd have 6 or 7 courses until the dissertation, which would translate into a lot less Saturdays away from home during the first year of the program. The real issue is with time away from family rather than cost despite the outrageous cost of the program.

    And, if I don't get in or if they say no deal, then I still have DSU and no complaints. :)
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    Yep...I've just enrolled in 890 too.
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    UA Huntsville

    UAHuntsville seems to be having some good options in industrial engineering. But would they compare favorably with GWU? As a school does the UAH engineering department have good reputation nationally?

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    I have looked at this program in the past, but they require an ABET-accredited BS degree in engineering for admission. My BS is in math and my MS is in operations research so I wouldn't qualify.

    GWU doesn't make this stipulation for admission.
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    UAH is well regarded in the defense and aeronautical industries (the main industries in Huntsville). Outside of these fields, not many people have heard of UAH.
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    I should have mentioned that whether I earn a doctorate in an engineering field or in information systems really doesn't matter to me. The only thing that is/was weighing heavily on me is the GWU name.
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    Yes, they do. They have an EXCELLENT industrial engineering department, and are one of those few schools that made world class engineering education available through DL. Trust me, there aren't many. If memory serves well, they had (or perhaps they still do have) very close ties to NASA. There is (or was) some type of facility nearby and they used to cooperate in numerous projects. I think this industrial engineering PhD in a real engineering discipline from a real engineering school is one of the best available DL offers there is for engineers not only in the US but also in the world. Perhaps GWU is better known or more prestigious, but as an engineer I assure you UAH is a great place to study engineering. If given the option, I would choose UAH over GWU in a blink of an eye. BTW, I am not associated with them in any possible way, past or present. It is just that I think it is a great engineering school.

    And regarding this discussion, I think that university in Dakota seems to have as well a strong information management systems department. PhD2B, if you try to publish, you present your work here and there, you have a strong professional background, and your thesis is of the highest quality (and I am sure it will be), you will probably be able to teach in most universities or whatever you have in mind. Save your money for better purposes. Besides, as someone else pointed out, if your family is happy with all the current arrangements, from the economic point of view but also from the time (a doctoral degree is also very expensive in terms of valuable, irrecoverable family time), then don't touch things that work! My best wishes with your decision and with your doctoral studies. You are one of those guys here in this board that I am sure most of us would wish to see succeed!!
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    That's the spirit! Give it a shot!

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