How high can an Excelsior degree take you?

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    MCPON Campa is to be applauded for all his accomplishments. I think it's even more impressive that he's a NWC grad.

    Your thread highlights several differences between the Navy and USAF. For example, I see MCPON Campa has completed Navy and Army senior enlisted PME--in residence, I'm sure. Do you know the USAF would NEVER allow one to complete both the USAF SNCOA and a sister service SNCO PME? It's either one or the other, but not both.

    Why, that would cost too much...go figure. So much for "jointness".

    I can't speak for the other services, but the USAF has not opened Air War College (NWC equivalent) doors to enlisted folk. It has, however, begun admitting highly qualified enlisted members to the Air Force Institute of Technology, which is a primo institution right up there with MIT and such.

    Also, nowadays in the USAF, you will find that all CMSgts (E-9s like MCPON Campa for those not familiar with Air Force enlisted ranks) hold an associates degree, a great majority have earned bachelors degree and significant share (I think it's 28%) hold an advanced degree. Reading their bios, you'll see a good mix of DL and B&M schools such as Univ of Maryland, Excelsior, Touro, Embry-Riddle, Webster, Park, Troy State, and U of Phoenix.

    As a trivia point for you fellow Air Force pukes, did you know the protocol requirements for an 0-9 and the CMSAF are the same per the AFI? I just found that out...fortunately most of them are humble enough to not demand such treatments.
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    the current stats

    As of 21 Sep 07, 99.4% of our active duty CMSgts have at least an associate's degree. 48.2% have at least a bachelor's. 13.7% have at least a master's degree.

    For SMSgts, it is 97.6% with at least an associate's, 36.2% with at least a bachelor's, and 8.1% with at least a master's. For MSgts, a whopping 37.1% still have not finished off at least an associate's.
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    At that level it would be truly poor form to demand a certain treatment. Such poor manners would betray a lack of character, and the position requires impeccable character.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    I am not sure about this, but I was told by one of the Navy's Chief (E-7) in 2005 that the Navy had changed their promotion. A Sailor cannot be promoted to E-7 (Chief) unless he or she has at least an Associate degree. And that it is a part of the promotion requirement.

    In the Marine Corps; we get promotion by leadership skills, phyiscal, combat skills, and PME. The college degree is not a factor, but it look better on meritourious promotion, and etc.
  6. in 2005 the navy changed their there advancement requirements for (senior chief (E-8) to the requirement of an associates degree slated for 2010 and then in 2007 that was revoked because of IA deployments and the war on terror cuts into sailors free time and the navy does not want to hurt the chances for advancement of their senior enlisted leadership.

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