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  1. njspeedracer

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    Hey Everyone,

    I just changed my userID because my previous one never let me post. I'm currently going to TESC for a BA in Psych. and just wanted to say that this site and others like it (BA in 4 weeks) have been absolutely the best resource for me. I also have a recommendation for anyone taking the CLEP Educational Psych. test (btw - I just passed it today along with Am. Hist. I) go to this site
    pick a chapter that you wish to study and on the next page in the upper left hand corner under chapter objectives there will be a multiple choice quiz (20 questions for each chapter) - this site was great for the test. Most of what is on the CLEP is included in each of these quizzes. Sorry for the chaotic post but I'm in a hurry and wanted to get this done before I left my house. Hope this helps!!

  2. Jack Tracey

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    Hi Gavin - It will take a while to become accustomed to your new screen name. Glad you're still with us.
  3. wssf

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    Hi Gavin,
    I just recently completed my BA in Psychology through TESC, and will "officially" graduate on June 10. I hope you have a positive experience like I did. I am now applying to graduate schools and am looking forward to continuing my education and life goals. Good luck!

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