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    Hello All,

    I used to post under "cmt," but that was a couple of years ago and I don't remember my log in info. Anyway, I'm back because I'm helping some friends accomplish the same thing I did, so I'm back to mingle and get caught up on what's new in the exam world. For those needing some encouragement with the degree-by-exam process (or whatever verbiage you choose) allow me to give you some.

    Four years ago I was living in Orange County CA (read expensive), married, and working full-time as a security guard making $10/hour. Within a few months of finding this site/community I had a bachelors (COSC) and a job in management making significantly more money. I was able to buy a house and over the next few years my lifestyle improved dramatically. I currently own two successful companies and the community here was instrumental in helping me achieve this. I said thank you before, but thanks again!

    I have a pretty good grasp of these exams, so I'll try and contribute where I can. I have two degrees 90% from exams. I don't think I scored less than the 80th percentile on any exams and completed more than 120 credits worth in less than 3 months while married and working full-time.

    Thanks guys/gals,
  2. PonyGirl93

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    Congrats on your achievements, that is truly encouraging :]
  3. aircon

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    Congratulations! This is very inspiring. I have started the application procedures and waiting for my eval to see where I should start testing out, and your post is giving me a lot of encouragement!
  4. housefull

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    Thanks for sharing! It's great

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