Having trouble deciding which school for bachelor's in Healthcare Management.

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Christine M Evans, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. Christine M Evans

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    I am 43 years old and started working as a medical transcription in 1994, as a senior in high school. The job left me for digital dictation in around 2009. I have also done billing and coding, EHR, policies and procedures and need to advance myself. I have been looking at different online only universities for the last two weeks and I just can't seem to make up my mind. I am looking for regionally accredited, tailored to my schedule, will be using financial aid, and would like to go straight to a Master's program. I would like something where I can test out of some classes and stay at my own pace. I don't have many college credits, except for court reporting and those credits more than likely will not transfer. Can someone please provide some insight? I want to get started ASAP. Thanks.
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  4. Christine M Evans

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    I am looking at WGU as an option. Thank you. Do you have any knowledge on Walden???
  5. Christine M Evans

    Christine M Evans New Member

    Thank you! I am looking for a place that will use my work experience and possibly transfer credits from court reporting. Also, somewhere that I could possibly test out of some gen Ed courses.
  6. Acolyte

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    I would look at community colleges in your area - many are better suited to adult learners than larger colleges and they are usually much more affordable. Many of them also have a mix of online, evening, and daytime schedules. They might be able to help you consolidate your current credits into a cohesive path forward, even if they only accept those credits as "electives" they can count toward an Associate's degree or the first two years of a Bachelor's degree. It's also nice to have counselors and instructors you can speak with face-to-face. My community college experience was one of the best college experiences I had.
  7. Kizmet

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    I have no specific knowledge of Walden or the Healthcare Management program. In general I think they're overpriced. Also, in my opinion, a Walden degree carries with it no more prestige than a State University degree and so I'm not sure what you might be getting for the additional expense. At the same time I'd have to say that I don't think there's anything wrong with Walden or it's degrees. Assuming your GPA is acceptable, I expect that a Walden Bachelors degree would get you into any number (but not all) relevant Graduate Programs.
  8. Christine M Evans

    Christine M Evans New Member

    So I did just read the forum you posted above and this is very interesting to me. I believe I will look into the free college credits, first and then regroup. Thank you.
  9. Christine M Evans

    Christine M Evans New Member

    I understand what you mean, with that being said, I am also trying to be cost effective. The majority of my funding will be from financial aid and I do plan on driving right into a Master's program, hopefully with the same university. I have spoken with well over 20 colleges in the last two weeks and I am still not satisfied. I have not spoken with the big 3 however; with the assumption that because I do not have an associates, I wouldn't be accepted. I will look into them. I was just about to look at Charter Oak today. Thank you for this information.
  10. Christine M Evans

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    Thanks, I appreciate the information. Right now, I work full-time and I work a second job seasonally. I am not able to attend day classes. I have reached to my county college and am just awaiting a return call.
  11. Steve Levicoff

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    Hint: Start to look up the schools about which you are curious on Wikipedia, which generally (though not always) includes in its profiles any points of controversy a school has experienced. Walden, for example, is a for-profit online university that has had a lot of controversy and, IMO, is best avoided. I tend to recommend avoiding any for-profit schools; there are some here who don't care about that, but they tend to be graduates of for-profit schools and thus have a vested interest in them.

    As for Walden, FWIW, I put them in the sleazy, spawn-of-Satan category. :D

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