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  1. Daniel Luechtefeld

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    It's not useful generalize an entire, large state university as holding a particular orientation. The prevailing orientation of faculty and students in the law, engineering, or business schools is likely to differ from those in the humanities or social sciences.
  2. Ian Anderson

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    Which are the liberal churches? I would assume Methodists (they accept gays), Unitarian (they accept atheists), and Friends are liberal. Just curious.
  3. SteveFoerster

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    My sister is an ordained Methodist minister. From talking with her, and occasional observation of a few of their churches around here, homosexuality seems to be still very much a Big Deal to Methodists.

  4. mrjt

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    Some have asked if there are any "libertarian" schools.

    Hillsdale College is the closest there is to libertarian.

    Liberal schools:
    Too many to choose from, but most notably Reed, UT Austin, and Swarthmore.

    Conservative schools:
    Patrick Henry
    Grove City
    (Notice 3 out or 4 in Virginia? What does that mean?)

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