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  1. Linda Rose

    Linda Rose New Member

    I have a M Ed from an accredited university and would like to earn a Ph D. in education. I need it through DE at a much lower cost than one traditionally costs. Are there any reputable schools that are not accredited but offering a program that is licensed in a state that is worthy of consideration? Any input would be appreciated.

    I am not opposed to an accredited school but they are expensive.

    Also what are the time requirements. I see some degrees requiring 30 semester credits, others at 75 semester credits, and the vast majority in between.


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  2. AsianStew

    AsianStew Active Member

    My Recommendation, UNISA

    Hiya there Linda!

    I thank you for posting this question.
    I was about to ask myself this question.
    I'm thinking of going to CCU after they obtain their DETC accreditation and get a Combined Bachelors/Masters.
    Then apply for a PHD from UNISA.

    In my opinion, I would not choose any non accredited school. And as for the state approved, they are probably the bare minimum, but still pretty much below reputable.

    So, forget the local schools in the US, go for a globally recognized school instead...moreover, this school has US DETC accreditation for all programs up to first Professional degree or Masters.
    Their PHD degrees are fully recognized by the South African government and is pretty much equal to US RA PHD's...

    Furthermore, the cost of education is much much cheaper than any RA school in the US. For more info, check out the DETC website www.detc.org , here's just a snippet:

    University of South Africa (UNISA)
    P.O. Box 392, Unisa 0003
    South Africa
    Phone: +27-12-429-3111
    Fax: +27-12-429-2323
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Web Site: http://www.unisa.ac.za
    Founded: 1873
    First Accredited: 2002
    Next Review: 2006

    The University offers certificate, diploma and degree programs at undergraduate and graduate level in the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences, Economic and Management Sciences, Education, Law, Science and Theology and Religious Studies.
    (Note: DETC's accreditation is for courses, programs through the first-professional degree level only.)

    As again, I'd rather go for UNISA instead of an unaccredited school. This school is nationally accredited in the US by DETC, and the cost is much cheaper, if not even cheaper than a degree mill! The cost is less than 1 Thousand dollars a year!

    Happy Hunting!
    Please post your findings and final decision =)
  3. NNAD

    NNAD New Member

    no real options in education

    Like you, I have often thought about moving on to a doctorate after this M Ed is finally done (30 percent through my last DL class) and have looked for cheap but valauble alternatives.

    There are none!

    I looked a bit at the Optimal Performance Instutute (state approved CA) because they offer a PhD (interdiciplinary) and told me they would work with any research or concentration. But the school really has no Ed dept expertise - they rely on the student to recruit a PhD or Ed D advisor, who will recieve some sort of stipend from the school, who charges you $350 a month while offering no classes. The degree plan I recieved looks like a cheap rip-off of the Union I&U plan. I see it as a cash flow for the schools' main business, alternative health and fitness programs.

    I found no other quasi decent program in education - Kennedy W dropped thier Ed D, a few reputable schools CCU, SCUPS, dropped thier doctrates in pursuit of DETC approval, etc. You don't want to go the St Kitts route - too much legal trouble

    Century is a joke, as is KWU (be realistic). And, at least in public education, a Doctorate that is not RA is useless, it can get you fired if you claim it on a resume!

    I'm looking at northcentral or maybe Touro International, (books are free). Both cost alot, they assume doctoral studnets are rich for some nutty reason. UNISA sound like an option, but I would fear that any rules change midway through the program that may make me spend $ and time away form job and family in South Africa.

    Here's hoping DETC allows future doctorates... maybe I can get an ashworth doctorate for 99 dollars a month. (tongue in cheek)

    Maybe Excelsior will kick in with a DA/D Litt/PhD/Ed D someday...
  4. obecve

    obecve New Member

    Check in-state B&M schools with part time ed programs. You may be suprised with both cost and time.
  5. agilham

    agilham New Member

    The nearest thing to an in-state B&M school to NNAD's current location is the University of Cambridge! It's prestigious, not particularly expensive, and does do a part-timr PhD in education, but might not be quite what you had in mind ;-)

    If, of course, NNAD has got more than a couple of years to serve in the flat lands of the east, looking at a part-time PhD at Cambridge might be a very good idea.

  6. NNAD

    NNAD New Member


    Yes, i have walked about the colleges at Cambridge several times - thinking any student (traditional) who was blessed to live in that city for a few years as a student would recieve a memorable education (Cambridge is really not one university, but many classic and mostly independent colleges each with a wide variety of majors and degrees offered). The city and schools are fantastic, though it does not really seem like a city for anyone not affiliated with university. It is bicycle friendly and auto hostile and I like my car.

    Alas, I have an "ahem" US government job about a half hour down the road and have been doing my M Ed in makeshift classrooms on weekends and at home for the better part of three years. I will be leaving early next summer, and am already looking for that next place - so no Cambridge for me, even if I could fit in.

    I will be checking out Montgomery, Alabama as a student this summer, and evaluating a potential job there as well. Not quite Cambridge!
  7. Jack Tracey

    Jack Tracey New Member

    The piece that's missing here is that you've said nothing about why you want a doctoral degree. How do you plan to use this degree? It may make a difference in the school you choose.
    AsianStew does well by recommending UNISA. This is a good school and a doctoral degree from there may serve you well. You may also want to look at the doctoral program in Education offered by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. It's fully accredited, reasonably inexpensive, and has a recognizable name (if you plan on working in the USA)
    Good luck,
  8. RollaMissouri

    RollaMissouri New Member

    I'm waiting for the new program they'll be starting at Northcentral U (NCU). Appearantly, they've submitted paperwork to the accreditation folks to get approval for adding the Doctorate in Education. Possible approval in few months [?]

    Maybe something better will pop up before then....

    S. Farrar
    US Army Chemical School
  9. Tony Schroeder

    Tony Schroeder New Member

    Try this one...

    The University of Nebraska at Lincoln offers a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership and Higher Education which can be completed with minimal or no on-campus coursework.


    Will that program work for you?

    Good Luck!


    Almost-BS, Excelsior College, 2004

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