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    WGU's MSML and MBA share a few courses, people are thinking of taking both or in the process, because of these overlapping classes. I was looking at HAU, they have a joint MBA & MSSM, I thought there would be overlapping courses, and there are 5 after the MBA. For someone who likes to learn, not take as many courses, I would like the minimum course load and finish both degrees together. After digging through their catalog, I found a method with Waivers and/or PLA/transfers! Awesome eh!? It should ring in cheap!

    How does this work? Well, there are basically a few steps to follow, take out the kinks in their workings... I guess...
    HAU MBA requires 9 core, 2 electives, 1 capstone (total 12 courses) 3 can be substituted. That is what we are doing!
    1) Complete transfer credits or foreign credits for academic evaluation (think ENEB/PLA), you need 3 courses min/max
    2) From the 9 core subjects, get a waiver for 3 as substitution courses, take 3 from the MSSM, any 3 will work for you
    3) From the 2 required electives, choose the 2 remaining courses for the Joint MSSM requirements (see spreadsheet below)

    In order to get the MSSM, you just need to take 5 courses in addition to your MBA at HAU.
    Because there are 2 elective courses, that number drops to 3. And you can waive 3 courses.
    Tada! You're just going to have to pay the required $3000 if you get the scholarship and get 2 Masters for the price of 1.
    Waivers (substitute classes) info is on Page 23/24 in the 2021-2022 catalog I have linked below.

    HAU MSSM Link: https://www.hauniv.edu/masters-in-sales-management
    HAU MBA Link: https://www.hauniv.edu/masters-in-business-administration
    HAU Catalog Link: : https://www.hauniv.edu/academics/course-catalog
    2021-2022 Catalog Link: https://www.hauniv.edu/images/ACADEMICS/Calendars/2021-22_Academic_Calendar.pdf
    HAU MSSM & MBA Spreadsheet Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12BleUldPePHDhr88VdtDD3bA0lxEQwbg/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=115798492353884812794&rtpof=true&sd=true

    Note: The MBA scholarship has been extended to November 1, 2021 for the upcoming cohorts. Apply and use the strategic/tactic above. For those who have applied and are taking courses, see if you can "substitute" your core/elective courses with the MSSM requirements. All in all, good luck, have fun for anyone interested in this program, it will rival WGU's double degree in many ways...
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    But wait! There’s more!

    Void where prohibited. Sorry, no CODs. Some assembly required.

    Be the first on your block. Operators are standing by!

    In all seriousness, this looks like a great opportunity.
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    I didn't realize they had a joint degree. That's amazing. I wonder if they'd let me use my electives to get some of the MSSM at the MBA price, then finish of the remaining 2 or 3 at the regular price.

    If so, that would be a great deal,but I have no interest in Sales Management:emoji_joy:
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    That was my plan all along to ask about the MSSM I been talking with a few students as well about the same
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    Just a quick question which courses can be waived I tried to understand the spreadsheet but couldn't identify which MBA courses would directly be waived as the same course in the MSSM.
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    Not all of HAU's programs are available online normally (in non-pandemic times); have you confirmed that the MSSM courses are? Also the $3k 'Rolling Cohort' MBA - well, it appears your options for courses are from a fixed list (meaning substitutions would/could be transferred in from outside - but again that is more $). I suspect that getting both degrees for the $3k is unlikely.
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    Anyone want to be the guinea pig? My first email reply below, and in quotes, my second email and answers. @Futuredegree

    Thank you for your questions. Yes, we actually do have November 1st open. If you would like to complete the application I recommend doing so as soon as possible to hold your tuition placement.

    The program can be fully online. I assume you would like the online track option. I can not your previous file with your interest and the $3,000.00 scholarship amount.

    The MBA is 12 courses as you outlined. The catalog price per graduate course is $1,167.67 however sometimes we offer scholarships for some of the certificates we offer which could lower the tuition price.

    Please let me know if I have answer any more of your questions.

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    Futuredegree, see below, hopefully you just need to take a max of 12 courses from them through the substitutions I listed.
    Don't think of doing a MBA & MSSM, by taking all 12 courses for the MBA and the 5 courses for the joint MSSM, that'll equal 17.
    Through substitutions, you're taking the 2 electives with the MSSM and switching 3 of the core courses, the total remains at 12.

    Master of Business Administration (MBA)

    Core Curriculum (9 courses, 27 credits – 54 ECTS)
    BUS501 Functional Skills Integration
    BUS511 The Business Landscape
    BUS513 Business, Policy and the International Economy
    BUS526 Marketing Management
    BUS527HR Strategic Human Resources Management
    BUS528 Managerial Finance
    BUS6109 Accounting for Decision Making
    BUS6110 Operations Research
    BUS6120 Strategy

    Capstone Project (1 course, 3 credits – 6 ECTS)
    CP6300 Capstone Project

    Electives: 2 Courses of your choice
    Waiver: Substitute 3 Core courses

    The 12 courses you need to take and get permission to swap courses are the following.
    Email the dean, get permission, and you need to see if the 5 MSSM courses are all offered online.
    Final thing to ask for is the cost, if they would charge you differently as it's a different degree.

    BUS511 The Business Landscape
    BUS513 Business, Policy and the International Economy
    BUS526 Marketing Management
    BUS527HR Strategic Human Resources Management
    BUS528 Managerial Finance
    BUS6120 Strategy

    SM530 B2B & B2C Marketing and Sales Practices
    SM570 Advanced Seminars for Sales
    SM540 International Marketing & Sales Management
    SM520 Sales Management Strategies and Practices
    BUS6124 Supply Chain Management
    CP6300 Capstone Project

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