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    I will be joining a medical school in UK this September and have a spare couple of months at hand. I have come across a course on Neuroscience at Harvard Summer School with the online option available which seems good enough to me.
    I was wondering if anyone here with experience could suggest if an online course at Harvard is worth its cost? I am really interested in the subject and also I feel that adding the name of this institution to my resume could have good implications for me.

    I am not in a position this year to go to the on-campus course and only this option is feasible for me. I wanted to know if the quality of teaching there is worthwhile and what about doubt clearance, are internet students given any consideration?

    The price of the course is 2850 dollars and I am ready to spare this if and only if the course seems of value, please suggest what I should do?

    Thanks in advance!

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