Hannibal Lecter and Distance Learning

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    Did anyone catch one of the opening statements of the movie "Hannibal?"

    As the movie opens, a guy is being questioned about his relationship with Hannibal. He states that a science course was one of the issues he and Hannibal had discussed. The response given is "some kind of mail order courses in psychology?"

    I wonder from which degree mill Hannibal "earned" his M.D.? [​IMG]

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    Barney, one of Lecter's guards, graduates from the United States Correspondence University. Dr. Lecter is described as having mentored him through several of his courses.

    Wasn't Lecter's medical school mentioned in one of the earlier novels? I have a vague memory that it was a prestigious school, and that Lecter had contributed widely to psychiatric literature while in practice.

    Bill Gossett
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    I beleive Dr.Lecter's medical school was a famous one located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania but I can't recall the exact one.

    I recall quite clearly however Lecter making an issue out of the fact that Dr.Chilton,the psychologist in charge of Lecter at the asylum,was "a Ph.D.,not an M.D."This had to do with Chilton not being able to figure out a written clue to a serial killer's identity which Lecter had provided and in which he used a complex biochemical equation having to do with liver metabolism tests for Bilirubin. William Reuben.Get it Clarice?

    This is not in the "Silence Of The Lambs"film. It is in the book.

    Lecter,among other things,is a degree snob.

    Have your lambs stopped screaming?

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