Hampton University-New PhDs Forthcoming-Ed or Business

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    It's IACBE accredited and I'm pretty sure that's a legit accreditation although it may be a little lower in stature than ACBSP or especially AACSB. I worry about the general nature of both of those degrees. I spoke with the dean of the business school at my old B&M alma mater about these general degrees. His opinion was that there were too many out there in the market already and he suggested that finding a job with one might be difficult. Something like that would be great though to qualify for a promotion or a pay raise at an existing job, IMO.
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    Hampton U is definitely accredited by SACS. It's a HBCU in Hampton, VA, just a few miles away from my alma mater, Christopher Newport University.

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    I'd agree based on the name but when you peek under the cover a bit, you can see that they've built in 18-credit hour specialties in accounting, finance and other disciplines. My guess is that the odd name has to do with the lack of research courses.

    I'd also guess that this degree is intended for the super adjuncts of the world seeking a check the box degree. Hampton has a pretty decent name too so if the person wanted to pursue a career at an HBCU, I'd think this could work. Outside the realm of HBCU, the lack of AACSB would be a tough one to overcome. Interesting offering. Compared to an online only school, my guess is that Hampton would be seen as more legitimate.

    I'd immediately put it on the level of the Anderson U DBA.
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    I'm not sure it would be as highly regarded as Anderson. I think I remember that Anderson is AACSB which would trump IACBE accreditation by a long shot. I have been looking at Anderson for myself. It's difficult to get in to because they only admit 15 students into their DBA program each year. And the dean told me they get many times that number of applications.
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    The Falls School of Business is accredited by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).
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    Someone already pointed out that Anderson isn't AACSB but ABSCP. Compare Nova's success when it comes to graduate placement with their IACBE accreditation with Anderson and their ABSCP and I think you may come to the conclusion that there's not a lot of argument to be made for ABSCP having the higher market value.

    Also, for good or for bad, Anderson has a religious connotation weaved into their courses. Again, that may be ok for some but not for others.

    If Hampton is willing to support this program, within 5 years, it will be no less than Anderson's. They're both ranked as Tier 1 Master's level colleges and Hampton doesn't have the religious backdrop to overcome if a hiring committee doesn't look favorably at that.
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    Wow, I am officially interested, but wanting to know more about this 4 week summer residency!?? Maybe if it is more on weekends?
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    Just a bump to see if anyone knows more about their summer residency/classes? I will say they are officially hard to get ahold of, I have tried the contact option and then searching and emailing some faculty members.
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    Must factor in the Back up on both sides of the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel.
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    IMO, if a school isn't AACSB, the specialized business accreditation doesn't matter. It's probably unfair, but the other agencies just don't have the utility of AACSB.
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    You need to conact Dr Credle in the business dept. His number is 757-727-5472. I don't beleive the residency is on weekends but it may be in the evening.
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