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    Re: NOLA

    I agree. I sent a check too, but still think that to rebuild the city where it was seems like ignoring the story of King Canute's lesson to his courtiers.

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    This was a NATIONAL tragedy. The time has come to put partisianship aside. We have to have a better policy on dealing with hurricanes. We are in a upswing of hurricane formation and this will not go away soon. Now 2006 may not have 26 named storms ( Yep...26), but 20 is not out of the question. Look at Houston. My city was a nightmare before Rita. Getting out of town was just the pits. Thank God it was a dry run. We have to come together as one. I hate to sound preachy and I have stayed away from the Off-Topic forum for awhile, but togetherness is what it will take to fix the Gulf Coast and be prepared for the next hurricane. This will be a question of when, not if. Thanks for letting me air my 6 cents.
  3. SteveFoerster

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    I don't think that anyone diagrees that there needs to be a response, but there will be differences of opinion on what that response should be. Some believe that we should shake our fists in the air and implacably rebuild things as closely as possible to what was there before. Others disagree.

    For me, I find that people who move into areas prone to natural disasters ought to bear the cost of that decision. I am not excited about subsidized flood insurance, for example, nor (as I wrote in the Wilma thread a while back) with FEMA sending out checks as fast as the printing presses can generate them.

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    Hi Carl - It seems you've decided to take a walk on the wild side. You think that because the Moderators have recently been criticized for being too heavy-handed that I won't respond in any meaningful way. You're wrong. I am ready to send you on "the big vacation." If you think that "the fun" of debate is insulting people then you are in the wrong place. If you ever insult me on this open forum again then you will be history. If you and DTech want to screw around, well that's OK with me. But I get to make comment on that without risking insult from you. Being a Moderator on this forum means making sure people adhere to the TOS. It doesn't mean having to take any shit from the likes of you. Go ahead, test me.
    (how's that for letting my emotions fly)
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    I laughed out loud when I read Carl's post.
  6. At least it was good for something! LOL

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