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    Does anyone know if this will translate to any credits in the BS IT at Excelsior College? And if so, do you know if those credits can be used as the upper level and/or concentration credits?

    I have sent an email to Excelsior as well, but I seem to be getting cryptic answers from them, so figured I'd ask to see if anyone here knew the answer.

    Thank you.
  2. JLA_8

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    Reply from EC

    Here is the reply I got from EC. Looks like if you wanted to, you could potentially test out of most of the IT courses from EC. If you scored well enough on this exam, which I'm sure is no easy task. This exam coupled with the the ICCP exams, should get you close. Please use this as a reference only, you should contact them personally if you plan on doing this to make sure it will work for you.

    "The GRE Computer Science exam can award credit, however it will all be
    score specific.

    Here is the break-down for the Computer Science GRE:

    685 score: 3 LL credits satisfying the Intro to Computers ( IT
    700 score: 6 LL credits satisfying above plus High Level Language (
    IT elective)
    715 score: 9 LL credits satisfying above plus a second High Level
    Language ( IT elective)
    730 score: 12 LL credits satisfying above plus Discrete Math (math
    745 score: 12 LL credits, 3 UL credits satisfying above plus Data
    Structures (one of the Object Oriented Software concentration core)
    760 score: 12 LL credits, 6 UL credits satisfying above plus
    Computer Architecture ( core requirement)
    770 score: 12 LL credits, 9 UL credits satisfying above plus
    Operating Systems (core requirement)
    780 score: 12 LL credits, 12 UL credits satisfying above plus UL
    technical elective
    810 or higher: 12 LL credits and 18 UL credits."
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    There's some really advanced material on that exam, so you may want to check out the free practice exam (PDF) before you do much more research to make sure it's realistic that you'd do well enough to matter. I took one look at the wilderness of advanced computer science and ran back to the front porch of networking and system administration where I belong.

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    Good luck getting even that score :)

    Even people with a solid, formal background in computer science have been shocked at how low their scores were:

    The problem is that the exam covers so many different topics that you really can't study for the exam. All you can do is learn everything the hard way, ideally over a 2-year period like most CS majors.
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    Also, the only ETS Subject Test that still has some popularity is the Psychology exam, which is a million times easier. I was able to get over 90th percentile on the Psychology GRE Subject Test resulting in 30 credits. This was after just a few months of reading with a lot of self-testing using study guides. My score on the computer science, exam, in contrast, resulted in 0 credits after over 1 year of study, including self-testing and taking the exam more than once.

    There was someone in this forum who did well on the GRE Computer Science exam, but that was after he took undergraduate courses in computer science. If I remember correctly, he took the exam just to boost his profile for MS admission as he was later admitted to UIUC.
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