Grand PhD in Europe (Belgium)?

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  1. Felipe C. Abala

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    Hello... Happy New Year to All.

    I'm not quite sure where to post this... so I'll post it here.

    Is Grand PhD real and legit? And what's your opinion about the institution? It's located in Europe (Belgium). So perhaps, those from Europe can have more opinion about this.

    Another Link

    I'm just curious and nothing else.

    Thanks and regards,
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  2. JLV

    JLV Active Member

    To me it sounds like Grand BS. :D
  3. tcnixon

    tcnixon Active Member

    Don't know if it is true or not, but I find it highly suspect that the entire staff all just happen to have that Grand PhD:

    Members of the Staff

    Tom Nixon
  4. paynedaniel

    paynedaniel New Member


    If all the requirements are actually required, it seems pretty tough to be awarded this degree. The organization with which it is supposedly affiliated with (European Academy of Informatization) is recognized and reputable. The oral defense part of the dissertation process seems to be required. I just think the title (Grand PhD) seems a bit arrogant.

  5. uncle janko

    uncle janko member

    Makes me wanna holler

    From the website:

    "Organization of the preparation and defense of theses in WIDU shall correspond to the common rules applied in the most of famous universities of the world. The Harvard and Yell Universities can be named as examples of these universities. They are known for their high educational fees, highly qualified professors and specialists, carefully developed system of logistics for training students."

    The entire English part of the site is semiliterate. (Couldn't bear to look at the German part.) I cannot imegine that real Belgian academics would have such poor gresp of English, especially when is spelling and gremmetical peculiarities which sounding awfully Slavic to my--as these folks might say--jaundiced Carpathian ear.

    Chief Speedy Chicken comes to mind, or is it Chickenov?

    Even the Grand PhD business as a superdoc above the PhD sounds vaguely like the Russian system of higher degrees--or a parody of it. IIRC, Stanislav gave us a pretty thorough rundown on the real Russian system some time ago.

    I'm with JLV on this one.

    Oh, yeah. Invoking the King of Belgium is just a snob version of the apostille crap--totally meaningless as a QC benchmark. Besides, considering the track record of Belgian kings, uh...

    A revedere,

  6. Stanislav

    Stanislav Well-Known Member

    I think brother Janko has the point. The names of the staff are indeed Russian. Structure of this Grand PhD is indeed very similar to Soviet Doktor Nauk degree. I might also add that "informatization" is a popular buzzword in Russian pseudo-scientific community, and could mean different things. In this case they seem to mean "solving of Global Problems" (sic) and "building the new society", but sometimes it can be Maharishi-style white magic mumbo jumbo, "higher conscience", "biofields" and such.

    I'd be vary of any Russian-born "academy" that is not RAS (Russian Academy of Sciences). Those guys still have standards. New "academies" have varied goals and standards, and if it is "European" (or "International", "Global" or "Intergalactic") "Academy of Informatization" working busily on "Global Problems", well...

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