Grad level Earth Science or Environmental Science?

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  1. Trek

    Trek Member

    Google seems to be failing me, or this might be too much to ask for.

    I'm looking for an online Earth Science, Geoscience, Soil and Water Science, or maybe Biology program that fits these requirements.

    I need an open admissions or easy admissions program that does not require letters of recommendation or applying far in advance, since I'd like to start less than 3 months from now.

    I prefer a school with 12 week terms or shorter, but I am open to full term. I found one, however, that doesn't end soon enough... I have a different program I hope to start in May.

    I prefer to start by mid-Nov, but I'm ok with a January start.

    I don't mind a lower quality school, as long as it's RA, since I don't plan to graduate from there. This is so that I can fulfill some prerequisite requirements.
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  2. Trek

    Trek Member

    Biology would fit only if I can take courses that are Environmental / Ecosystem Science or similar from the start, i.e. they don't require me to take other coursework first.

    I'm definitely only interested in science coursework, not Environmental Management or Teaching Biology.

    Since I need financial aid, I would be limited to degrees versus certificates. I'm hoping to find a Master's program that can fit into the timeframe. Otherwise, I may have to go with undergrad coursework.
  3. AsianStew

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  4. nyvrem

    nyvrem Active Member

    Only school i can think off with an open admission with a Biology masters is HES

    Gotta check on their electives if they fit your goals.

    They also have a Sustainability masters.
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  5. Dustin

    Dustin Well-Known Member

    If it's only for pre-reqs, check if the WGU MA in Science Education with a concentration in Earth Science would count: They have 8 Earth Science courses:
    1. Geosciences Content
    2. Geology I: Physical
    3. Geology II: Earth Systems
    4. Astronomy
    5. The Ocean Systems
    6. General Physics
    7. Chemistry Content
    8. Chemistry with Lab
    Open admissions, no reference letters and monthly start date with courses open-ended, as fast as you can complete. UND also offers a Master of Environmental Management. I'm not certain about the term length (might be a semester-based program), but there are no reference letters required (though they do have some stringent requirements for admission):
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  6. Jonathan Whatley

    Jonathan Whatley Well-Known Member

    One restriction of that program is the admissions requirement of a teaching license. But speaking of WGU and since we're also looking at undergraduate options, they have two competency-based bachelor's programs in Earth Science education: a BS in Science Education in Secondary Earth Science which includes student teaching and prepares for initial licensure, and a BA in Educational Studies in Science Education in Secondary Earth Science which doesn't include student teaching and doesn't prepare for initial licensure per se.
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  7. Trek

    Trek Member

    They look wonderful in general. Looking into their courses and degrees further, I found that the science ones are all undergrad, sad to say. They seem flexible and appealing if I can't find grad-level.
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  8. Trek

    Trek Member

    Thanks for pointing this out. Maybe there would be another Teaching program which doesn't require a teaching license.

    Their flexibility is wonderful... six month terms would not work in this case, but this is also great to know. I appreciate it.
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  9. Jonathan Whatley

    Jonathan Whatley Well-Known Member

  10. Trek

    Trek Member

    UND would finish in mid-May, so I think that's out, unfortunately. I could generally meet other entrance requirements, just not the letters of recommendation.

    I was looking at some other MAT / M.Ed programs and they tend to have courses that don't work.

    I feel that there must be a school on the quarter system that doesn't need letters of reference. I think that's what I'm seeking now. I feel I've already Googled the schools with shorter terms besides the quarter system schools.

    Agricultural Science might be fine since it'd probably have multiple water and soil courses.
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  11. Dustin

    Dustin Well-Known Member

    Are you certain you need graduate level courses in this area? This may be an example of the XY problem where you ask for X but what you really need is Y, which is to get into a degree or whatever.

    If these are prereqs for a PhD, have you asked the program director whether you can waive those courses or take them in the first year? Or if you need them for some other reason, perhaps there is a way around this.
  12. Trek

    Trek Member

    Undergrad would work, but I'd rather not. There are lots of undergrad options.

    I looked again, and there is a grad program at Unity which could work. I will find out.

    I would still like to know about other options, but it does seem like an odd thing to ask for. I spent a lot of time looking.

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