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  1. Brain_Power

    Brain_Power New Member

    Can you use a calculator on the GMAT?

    Any tips for preparing for the exam? I am scheduled to take the GMAT in May 2012.

    Any special websites that you have utilized for studying questions.
  2. muaranah

    muaranah New Member

    Get the latest edition of the official guide to the GMAT and check out
  3. MissShona

    MissShona New Member

    No, you cannot use a calculator on the GMAT.
  4. If you're not adverse to spending $40 I recommend I used them back when I was about to take the GMAT and I found the 5 computer-adaptive tests helpful. I wouldn't use it as a pure study tool but it could be good to take 2 tests up front, see where you need to study, do additional work and then take the other 3 tests closer to the exam date.
  5. Rock Howard

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    You can find tons of information about GMAT on Google. I would prefer downloading a torrent which comprises of many useful informative books & guides which helped me in SAT.

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